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DIY Fabric Covered Stools (Made From A Milk Crate!)

DIY Projects May 24, 2018

DIY Fabric Covered Stools (Made From A Milk Crate!)

Hey guys! One thing I love most about travel is that you so often come across decor ideas that inspire you when you get home.

A lot of you will remember that Ben and I visited Ibiza last year, where I was blown away by all the cool decor and design inspiration. I WANTED EVERYTHING! But because my suitcase was limited, I had to make do with recreating some ideas when I got home. Not a bad thing in my books! One thing I loved at Los Enamorados (the hotel we stayed at) was the fabric covered stools scattered around the outdoor spaces – which I loved because it is such an easy way to bring to life a space (and add useful perching/placement space) without spending too much money. I also realised that you could easily use some milk crates as the base to keep the cost down on this particular piece of furniture. What a win! Read on for how to make these DIY fabric covered stools (made from a milk crate!).

DIY Fabric Covered Stools (Made From A Milk Crate!)

We used mudcloth with the dimensions 114 cm (45′)’ x 153 cm (60”) for this project, and made one cover with cloth to spare. A standard milk crate size is 36.2 cm x 36.2 cm x 32.3 cm (height), so this is the dimensions we used to draft the pattern, rounding the measurements up to 36.5 cm x 36.5 cm x 32.5cm for a little ease allowance.


Since we used a striped pattern fabric for this project, we cut out a complete panel consisting of two side pieces and the center piece, to achieve a seamless piece and so that we wouldn't have to match up the stripes if they were seperate panels. Match up the remaining two side pieces to the long piece and you'll end up with a cross pattern like so.


Match up the longer edge of the side pieces to the center piece seams, then pin and sew.


One you've sewn both side pieces to the center panel, fold the cross in half diagonally down the center square. Then pin and sew the outer edge.Repeat the process for the remaining edge ,and you'll end up with a bottomless cube shape.


Snip off the corners once you've finished sewing for sharper corners,then flip the cover right-side-out.


To finish the milkcrate cover, hem the raw bottom edge using a folded seam. And you're done! We also made another one in a black and white mud cloth.


This is our version using a milk crate….Perfect as a bedside table!

Hope this helped sparked inspiration in making your own DIY fabric covered stools (made from a milk crate!).

Thinking of getting creative with your indoor decor? Check out some of these DIY’s: Safari Chair | Leather Cushions | Canvas Wall Pocket 


Let us know your thoughts!

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