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DIY Flower Headband

DIY Feb 15, 2013

I can’t think of another time of the year when flowers are as important as they are on Valentines Day. But for many of us it isn’t always as straight forward as being given a big bunch of your favourite stems by a man (or woman) you want to spend the rest of your life with. This outcome depends on so many varying, interlinked (and often wishful) circumstances. For example a) you need to have/know a man b) he needs to know you want flowers c) he needs to like you enough to buy them for you c) he needs to know what flowers you like (as well as the difference between a poisonous trumpet and a peony) d) he needs to know what day of the week Valentines Day is etc etc etc. In the event that all of these circumstances conspire to the point where you actually get what you want, from the person you like, on the right day, well I think those roses should come wrapped in a medal rather than a bow.

But since when did us women of the noughties and teens wait around for so many competing factors to come together for us to have what we want? One doesn’t simply wait for a table at their favourite cafe do they? No, we sharpen our elbows, dig in and make ‘I’ll slit your throat gestures’ at people already seated. I think this type of attitude should be applied to Valentines Day – now’s a great time to start planning your self-sufficient V day.  I’ve decided to cover my bases and get the florals sorted, rather than waiting around for them to be covered for me. Are you on board?

Because it’s always sad to see your precious flowers wilting after just a few days, why not create something floral inspired that’s entirely more useful? Something that a) you can wear and b) won’t ever die and c) will see you through to summer festivals and beyond. Although you would much rather not get silk flowers from your man, they’re totally acceptable in the DIY world. Phew!

You need:

  • A headband
  • A bunch of silk (or regular fake) flowers
  • A glue gun

How to:

1. Separate your silk flowers by cutting or plucking from the bunch/stems.

2. Lay out the flowers around the headband to get an idea of a balanced design.

3. Heat up your glue gun and apply glue to the base of the flowers, pressing down onto the headband following the pattern you decided on in the previous step.

4. Let dry for a few minutes and then away you go.

Oh and while you’re at it putting together your provisions for a self-sufficient Valentines,  you would be wise to cover your chocolate bases in the same way you’ve now covered your florals – better safe (and full of chocolate) than sorry right? And for all you single ladies out there feeling flat because of the love heart pillows and teddy bears bombarding you everywhere you go – this rose crown is way more reliable than most men, so get cracking!

Tags Flower headband Glue Headwear Valentines Day

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