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DIY Celine Inspired Trio bag

DIY Jan 22, 2013

I can’t begin to explain how many bits and pieces I seem to carry around with me, a ‘what’s in my bag’ post would either have to be highly edited (which they usually are – notice no one includes scrunched up receipts, knotted hair ties or tampax on their lists) or at least ten frames long.  In homage to my love of bags with loads of pockets, I recently went about making a little shoulder bag, complete with triple pocket detail inspired by the Celine Trio Bag I’ve been lusting over for quite some time. Perfect for organising your life into little slotted purses! Or, if you’re like me, stuffing until overflowing.

You need:

  • 3 small zipped pouches. Mine were simple suede ones I picked up for a steal.
  • 6 snap buttons
  • Thread matching the colour of your bag
  • A needle
  • A length of flat gold curb chain
  • A strap of some sort, either off the pouches themselves or handmade out of similar material.
  • Optional tools include beading plyers and a multi hole punch (I didn’t end up using them).

Not wanting to completely replicate the Celine version, I created a gold chain strap which I think worked quite well, feel free to experiment with the type of strap you use!

How to:

1. If your bag has long straps (or little hand straps like mine did), remove them.

2. Lay out the buttons where you think you will place them – try to put them close to the top and side edge of the bag but not so they are too obvious. You can mark the bag with chalk if you like.

3. Using your needle and thread, sew the buttons on.

4. Make sure the buttons are sewed on in the right spots so the bag sits flat when the buttons are pressed together connecting the bags.


5. Do this for each bag so the three snap together. The one in the middle with have button on each side. Press all the buttons together to create your bag.

6. Sew your strap onto the chain.

7. Do that for both ends.

8. Finally, sew the straps onto the sides of the centre pouch.

And you’re done!
Wearing: DIY Bag, DIY leather collar denim shirt (from my book), Zara skirt, Zara ballet flats, Coach watch.
Outfit photos by Su Ann Tan
Tags Bags Celine Chain

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