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DIY Porcelain Jewelry Stand

DIY Oct 10, 2012

I’m a sucker for jewelry storage that looks just as good as the pieces themselves, but I’ve struggled to find a system that I love. A little while ago I decided to make a jewelry holder that looks like a cake stand out of some porcelain plates and bowls I bought in a china store. I’ve seen cake stands used for jewelry storage before, but rather that buying one from Ikea I decided to make my own – and I loved being able to choose the patterns and combinations of porcelain myself. This is possibly one of the easiest projects you will have ever make, simply track down the porcelain, stack and glue together. Simple!

You need:
– Porcelaine. I used a big plate, a smaller plate and a saucer for the layers as well as two egg cups for the stands. You can also use tea cups or candle sticks as stands if you prefer.
– Super glue
– A piece of cardboard
– A toothpick or skewer

Step after the break!

How to:
1. Start by putting some glue on the cardboard.

2. Using the skewer, generously paint the edge of the egg cup with the glue.

3. Turn the egg cup over so that the side with the glue is face down and carefully press into the middle of the biggest plate.

4. Put more glue along the edges of the top side of the egg cup.

5. Press the second biggest plate onto the egg cup.

6. Repeat the previous steps of applying glue to the bottom side of the egg cup and then press onto the second plate.

7. Add glue to the top of the egg cup as before, and then put the final small plate (or saucer) on top to complete the stack.

8. Leave to dry overnight before you deck it out in your precious jewels! And remember to always lift the stand from the bottom, the glue should keep it together but to be on the safe side be delicate with it.

How do I arrange my stand? I put my rings and watch on the top, my bracelets in the second tier and necklaces on the bottom level. What have I got in my stand at the moment you ask? Amongst other things my Coach watch, some DIY gold rings, oversized roman luxe earrings, a hook wrap bracelet and my new Sophie Monet wooden necklace.

Tags CAKE STAND Jewellery

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