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The Best DIY Trends of 2010

Inspiration Dec 17, 2010

What DIY trends rocked your socks in 2010? I have gone back through my archives and had a look at the DIY trends that got a whole lotta of airtime. But don’t think for a moment I’m saying these DIY trends are passe. Not at all! I’m not a trend hunter and I don’t really buy into the ‘new trend of the moment throw everything else you own out’ attitude to fashion. Feel free to take these trends from 2010 through to 2015 if you you feel like it. A good DIY never gets old.

Miu Miu and Carven inspired a wave of collar DIYing, with most of us recessionistas preferring to DIY rather than buying for an arm and a leg. Why not cut a collar off a thirfted shirt or make one out of leather? Embellishment such as beads, studs, sequins, buttons and fringing added to collars on shirts was also seen on blogs, editorials, online stores and designers alike. A very satisfying DIY trend indeed. Check out all my posts on collars here for a bit of inspiration and some tutorials to make your own.

Images: Le Chic Muse / me

All eyes have been on shorts in 2010, and they were (and still are) the bum cover of choice for festival goers and picnicers alike. Those of us not wanting to splurge on such tiny items went in droves to thrift stores and set about customizing denim, leather, linen and cotton shorts or trousers. Cutting off and making highwaisted is an easy and cost effective way to get amongst it. The adding of scalloping, lace, studs, rips and a whole host of other embellishments took the DIY a step further. As a rule I didn’t buy shorts from anywhere but thrift shops as they are just so easy to DIY. If you don’t have a sewing machine, a double fold over of the hem and then a light hand stitch works just as well in taking them up. Check out my shorts posts here if you feel you didn’t get amongst it enough and need to get some inspiration. I know all the southern hemisphere peeps will be thinking about getting into shorts right about now so why not pop down to your local thrift shop and DIY your own?

Images:Transient Expressions Internodiciotto , SRC783, my own, The Velvet Bow, my own

Chain Harnesses
A very easy DIY that has been pretty popular for a while now (don’t hate me if some of these trends have roots back earlier than 2010 – I’m definitely no fashion historian!). I think Rumi from fashion Toast and I Heart Norwegian Wood had a hand in the popularity of these body embellishments. So incredibly easy to make – basically all you need is some chain, jump rings and some small jewellery pliers. Check out this tutorial from Monoxious here for some inspiration. Don’t buy when you can DIY.

Images: Fashion Toast 

Just about everyone who saw this gorgeous picture of Hanneli Mustapata was inspired to make a shoulderless shirt. It helps that she is so utterly adorable and makes it look so chic. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I have a feeling that it was this image that sparked a whole series of designer copies, and millions of DIYs. I was very happy with a similar one that I made, and it was incredibly easy. Check out my tutorial here.

Images: Hanneli Mustapata, my DIY, Sophia from Owl vs Dove

Channeling the 50’s vibe, who doesn’t love a good turban? The blogosphere provided a multitude of great tutorials for all of us to copy this past year. The Man Repeller and Honestly Wtf did a great job in showing us what to do so we could rock some great bad hair day headwear. Head here for some inspiration and a few tutorials.

Images: Man Repeller, Honestly Wtf, Frassy, Studded Hearts

Mouse/Rabbit Ears
Again, not going to bother to go back and analyse where this trend surfaced (I’m sure that Marc Jacobs and Madonna weren’t the first to get amongst it) all I’m going to say is that ears as headwear is fun. And DIYable. Totes. Check out this great tutorial here from Carolines Mode. Its well easy to do, innit.

Images: Vanessa Jackman, Carolines Mode, me, Asos, Studded Hearts

Embellished Shoulders
Shoulders were big in 2010 (and 2009? I can’t remember), both physically and metaphorically. Eager DIYers added embellished shoulder pads to cardies, blazers and plain tops. Fringing, sequins, studs, buttons and just about everything else was added to shoulders. Truly easy and always cute. Still loving this look.

Images: Anywho, Style Scrapbook, LFW day 2, Gary Pepper Vintage

OK there are sooo many more DIY faves from the last year, what were yours?

Tags Collars Headwear Shorts Shoulder Pads

Let us know your thoughts!

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