DIY – Ruffle Hem Shirt Dress

Another DIY using a mans shirt – I hope your bf/brother/father/housemate has a lock on his cupboard…

Grab a long mens patterned shirt, the longer the better. Cut off the sleeves to create a basic shirt dress as outlined in another one of my posts here. Then cut off the dress at the bottom, making the front about five inches shorter than the back. You will have a thick strip of fabric left over – trim it so that it is a rectangle and then cut it in half lengthways so that you have two long strips of the same width, sew these together so you have a long strip, hopefully about 5 inches wide or more, this is going to be the little ‘skirt’. You can hem one edge of this fabric if you want, but I would probably leave mine to fray (stylish or lazy? you decide). Create some rough pleats in this strip of fabric by running a simple stitch along one edge of the fabric and pulling the cotton tight, pushing the fabric along so the fabric gathers to create light pleats. Make the desired amount of pleats, and then sew the pleated fabric to the bottom of the shirt dress. done!

DIY – go and buy more hats

Have so many hats I don’t know what to do with them…

Image: Evil Twin Blog

DIY – Festival Kaftan

Another great piece from Evil Twin. Can definitely see myself making one of these out of a thrifted tasselled cotton throw, folded in half with a rounded neckline cut in, and then some sort of motif added to the front.

DIY – Cut out detailing

Circular cut out detailing – thinking of adding similar circular cut outs in rows to the bottom of a silk maxi skirt that I own. Will be a fairly time consuming process but luckily won’t involve that much skill. Using a circular template – probably the smooth end of a glue stick or berroca bottle (how highly technical!) I would draw the circles on using chalk. Then I would grab some sharp scissors and cut out all the circles, making sure to leave a section uncut so the circles can stay attached properly. This creates a lovely flutterly circular tecture.

Image: Park and Cube

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