Shoe perfection

And pants that show just the right amount of ankle

Image: Jak & Jil

Zara over the knee boots

Even though it is getting into Spring, it hasn’t really started to feel like it yet. I guess that’s the reason I have been obsessing over last seasons Zara over the knee/thigh high boots. A bit late of me I know. I’ve been scouring the internet like a mad woman trying to find some to buy. Gorgeous suede leather and very tight fitting with a low stilleto heel, very delicate looking.

Not loving the super high platform ones that are around – like the topshop ones – think they are a bit serious and not for everyday wear. Also not a fan of ones that aren’t really well fitted around the thigh, a bit pretty woman for me. If I can find the Zara ones I am sure I will wear them – even in summer (a depressing thought!) Natalie from Canned Fashion wears them perfectly.

Images: Zara/Phosphene fashion