DIY Turban Time

(Hope you’re not sick of turbans yet… I’m not) Do your turban the easy way – twist a scarf and tie it around your head. Audrey of Frassy kills it!

Image: Frassy

DIY Blanket Cape

Everything I see is pointing to the fact that if you buy one thing this autumn, make it a blanket cape. If you are like me and only like things when they are a)thrifted b)cheeaaaap c)DIY or d)all of the above, make sure you get down to your local thrift/homewares/antique/ikea store and buy a blanket w a cool motif for slinging around your shoulders. I was actually in good old Primark* a little while ago and they had a checked soft fleece blanket that was a prime cape candidate.

Image: Studded Hearts

* (for those of you not in the UK, primark is an utterly out of control store that sells clothes and homewares for under a fiver – where you should expect to get your hair ripped out over a pair of 2 quid earrings. To really punish yourself, head there on a saturday morning with a hangover )

DIY Inspiration – Kimono

Am addicted to the look of kimonos. Am going to buy a sheet sized piece of ethnic fabric (have found this amazing ethnic fabric seller in North London – probably technically Indian sari material but oh well!) and have a go this weekend. I’ll also be uploading my little DIY giveaway!

Images: Fashion Squad / Mr Newton / Fashion Squad / Frassy