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DIY Detachable Collar

Really like the look of a detachable collar, whether it fastens to the top you are wearing or just sits over the top like a necklace. Since the Miu Miu collar came out, there have been quite a few DIYs around showing you how to make a similar one, see my post here.It it is indeed such an easy DIY, just cut the collar off an olds mens shirt, making sure to keep the button on so it can be attached to your neck. You can even layer a few collars on top of each other, like a white one and a blue one, and wear it over a singlet or tee. A denim collar off a jacket or shirt would look great with a plain white tee and leather skirt.

Image: Park and Cube / Tfs

DIY Denim and Mesh Jacket

Outsapop Trashion highlighted this potential DIY ages ago, and its only just clicked with me! Add some mesh to a thrifted denim jacket – you can be super lazy and just use glue! Or mix it up and add some floral fabric.

Image: Weekday

DIY Denim Bolero

Grab yourself a thrifted denim jacket and hack it into a bolero.

Image: Rush magazine via SRC783