DIY Spiked Headband

This is another great take on the Givenchy spiked headband. For some reason spikes are totally still doing it for me – hope I’m not too last season….

Image: Is Mental

DIY Cut Out Shirt

Yet another gorgeous way to show off a cute lace bra. Pick up an oversized white collared shirt from a charity shop, and cut a slit in the back so that it drapes down.

Image: Jak and Jil
(LOVE the ‘my favourite things’ shots by Tommy Ton of Christine Centenera. If there was one persons closet I would burgle… And the golden sunshine in all the images makes me a teeny tiny bit homesick for aus)

DIY Cut Off Tank

More ‘side boob’ action. This never gets old. Get out the scissors pronto!

Image: Christeric