DIY Sass & Bide Zip Pants

Love these zip pants by Sass & Bide, DIY your own by adding zips to the front of some thrifted harem pants – sew the zips on the outside with a fold of fabric underneath so that you can unzip them for the full effect of wear them zipped up to gather the pants.

Image: Sass & Bide

The Ultimate DIY Competition Brainstorming

The ideas are flowing for this competition…. now I just need to buy the materials and mark off some time in my diary for some serious DIY (before I go to Portugal on Thursday that is!).

Image: Le Fashion

DIY Cut Out Tank Top

Love the look of this white cut out tank top – a very easy DIY too!
You’ll need:

  • A white tank
  • Scissors
  • Cute bra

Cut your white tank all the way down the side seams, wear with a cut lacy bra/sheer body. I would probably tuck mine into a high waisted skirt so just a bit of side boob and ribs is showing.

Image: Christeric

Ps. Went to the London Bloggers Yard sale yesterday, and was completely overwhelmed by the turn out of London Blogging Royalty! I saw a whole lot of bloggers in the flesh that I am only used to seeing on the www. Susie, Shini, Kit and many more were there with their bundles of yard sale items (which, I’m sad to say, by 3pm in the arvo were well picked over).  Took a few sneaky snaps and will post soon!