DIY Hanelli’s Bolt Jewellery

Found this on Style By Kling. She snapped Hanelli Mustapata’s armband on a night out. So cool and incredibly DIYable! Take a few strips of leather and layer on some different sized bolts and washers.

Image: Style by Kling

DIY Patterned Trousers

I am all for hand painting a pair of thrifted trousers for a cheap way to get amongst the patterned pants trend. This looks like just about the easiest pattern to copy. Or grab a whole heap of different coloured paints, and flick the pants to create rainbow patterns.

Image: Late Afternoon

DIY Colour Block Moccasins

The lovely girls, Erica and Lauren, from Honest WTF sent me the link to their gorgeous Colour Block Moccasin DIY. I have to say that I love it, and not only because it meets my current craving for all things tribal! Its such an easy update to an age old classic.  Congrats ladies, and keep them coming!

Images: Honestly WTF

Ps. Have you noticed I have a new header bar? My lovely bf did it for me last night (in true bf styles he then had a few things to contribute to how I should organise and structure the whole blog… haha). Hope you guys like it!