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DIY Nasty Gal Poncho Dress

More Nasty Gal DIY action (I am sure they are LOVING me…). Fold and cut a neckhole in some sheer fabric to make this poncho dress (use a pattern similar to the one here). Add tassels.

Image: Nasty Gal

DIY Dree Hemingway’s Jersey Wrap Skirt

Have just found out from Who What Wear that Dree Hemingway made this gorgeous grey skirt one day when she was bored, definite DIY inspiration. Long pieces of jersey are great for creating layered and draped skirts. You’ll need:

  • Some grey marl jersey fabric, about the size of a bath towel
  • pins, needle and thread
  • great legs

Simply wrap around a few times, and drape and pull tight to create the v and runched fabric at the front. Then tie/pin or sew the fabric in place.

Image: Knight Cat / Who what wear

DIY Rodante Style Tattoos via Outsapop Trashion

I sincerely hope that Outi from Outsapop Trashion doesn’t get well and truly sick of me referencing her blog, but I am constantly and utterly blown away by her keen eye for DIY inspiration (she definitely sowed the seeds for my DIY addiction!). This one is NO exception. I for one was completely wowed by the body art in the Rodarte SS2010 runway show, and Outi hit the nail on the head when she posted recently about how easy this could be to do yourself! I can imagine doing one hand, highlighting a design that follows the bones, for some festival magic.

Image: Outsapop Trashion / If Its Hip Its Here