DIY Cape

More capes that could easily be made out of blankets… This one looks like it could be made by grabbing a blanket and cutting a U shape out of one side so it can go over your shoulders and around your neck easily.

Image: Knight Cat

DIY Skirt + Necklace

Two DIYs in one image – Shini from Park and Cube is a girl after my own heart. Love the DIY necklace (tutorial here)and the fantastic DIY skirt .

Image: Park and Cube

DIY Fabric cuffed jeans

Grab any fabric you want, and stitch about 10cm on the inside of a pair of jeans. Roll and go! Love th army look but would also look good with floral or anything else.

DIY Flannel and Khaki Jacket

Cut out the back panel of a khaki jacket (I got one from h&m recently for less than ten quid) and stitch in some flannel fabric. If your really lazy or don’t have a sewing machine – simply glue some flannel fabric over the top of the back panel!

Image: Union via Bleach Black

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