DIY Nail Studded Heels

Vintage shoes providing great DIY inspiration – grab a pair of loose black pumps, bang nails through the shoe from the inside out, then glue some leather or use some electrical tape over the top of the nail heads so they don’t rub on your feet.

Image: Thrift and Thread

DIY Pyrite Ring

 I am addicted to large stone rings but they are always pretty pretty pricey. Found this simple and cool DIY on Thrift and Thread. Attach your own gorgeous pyrite stone (you can get some good ones on ebay for cheap) to a flat topped ring (can be found online or in any craft store) using super glue and away you go.

Image: Thrift and Thread

DIY Turban Action

Just wrap it like a towel and tuck it under at the back… easy! (Best worn with a cute outfit at a festival or similarly fun event… may look strange if you’re just heading down to tescos)

Image: My Newton

DIY Mens Shirt as Dress

A girl after my own heart! Rocking a men’s shirt as a dress, by cutting off the sleeves and crossing over the fabric at the front using a belt to cinch in the waist. Perfect!

Image: Mr Newton

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