DIY Floral Midriff Top

Scissors + thrifted floral top = perfect summer wear!

Image: Tobacco and

DIY Elastic Bralette

Love the elastic bralette/corset worn over a nude dress, and the double thick straps. I think I might have linked it before but Monoxious provides a great tutorial (here) for how to make an elastic harness. All you need is some black elastic, some pins, needle and thread – and a willing friend/dress form to pin it on.

Images: Tobacco and Leather

DIY Bird Hair Piece

Such a cute and novel idea for a party or festival! Love it. These cute little birds can be bought at craft stores or pound stores, wack in your hair and go! The second photo down is the super stylish sister of one of my best friends, she’s a budding clothes designer for a brand called Ziesemer, and she makes the most beautiful things (including the dress she’s wearing in the photo)! Her blog is here. If that wasn’t enough – their mum makes the most AMAZING hats for Ascot Hats.What a creative family!

Image: Studded Hearts

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