DIY Wah Nails

In the last 6 months London has gone bonkers for crazy nail desings, due in most part to the opening of Wah Nails on Kingsland Road in the East End. CRazy fun designs that have previously only been ventured by few are now all over the place, including the topshop basement (a sure sign that EVERYONE is onboard). The images above are the Wha’s tumblr which has a huge amount of inspiration.Β  However, whilst trawling the internet, found a really cool DIY for doing wah inspired nails. Gem from Gem Fatale’s Style Blog has obviously put a lot of time and patience into this and really shows what you can DIY when you put your mind to it. She has videoed the whole process for anyone who wants to follow suit. Her finished product looked like this:

Β Images: Wah / Wah / Gem Fatale’s Style Blog

Fringe + bun

Never ever going to get a fringe – am 100% sure it wouldnt work on me. But if I did this is how I would be wearing it. These are two different girls in Sydney, look like twins! Perhaps t hey have the same hairdresser

Image: Vanessa Jackman

New summer uniform

Denim cut offs, spring boots, felt hat, slouchy bag. She’s got it licked…

Image: Mr Newton

De – wait for it – lightful

Stumbled upon LoveMore‘s blog – gorgeous Sydney girl who has the cutest look. She works for Style Stalker and seems to mainly hang out and do photo shoots, what a life! Wasted a good half hour looking over her posts….. Check it out.

Image: Lovemore