DIY Pocahontas

Love this simple headress. Am annoyed that I didn’t pick up the grey and white feather I saw on the ground when I was walking to work this morning… Although feathers from dirty London pigeons might not have the same chic affect?

Image: Nr Newton

DIY Embellished Knit

Love this knitted jumper – it looks like it is covered in lots of gold circular dangly earrings. It would be really cool to get a whole heap of earrings like these with hooks and hook them all over an oversized knitted jumper.

Image: TFS

DIY Mens Shirt as a Dress

This is the ultimate shirt-as-a-dress outfit

I have forgotten where I got this image (eeep!) – can anyone tell me who this gorgeous blogger is? x
Image: Aimee of Song of Style ( thanks to Shini of Park and Cube for reminding me! x)