DIY Blanket Cape

Am going to find a great printed blanket to wear as a cape as it gets cooler.

Image: Le Fashion

DIY Alexander Wang Style Deconstructed Jacket

These deconstructed/reconstructed jackets, inspired by Alexander Wang’s recent sporty lux collection, look like prime candidates for a sneaky DIY. You’ll need:

  • a denim/khaki jack or waistcoat
  • hooded grey marl cotton or knitted jumper/cardigan/tracksuit top
  • needle and thread or sewing machine.

 If you are using a denim or khaki jacket, cut off the sleeves at the shoulder, keeping the cuffs to sew onto the finished product. Cut the sleeves and hood off the grey marl top. Attach sleeves at the shoulder and hood at the neck. Finally attach the cuffs from the first jacket to the marl sleeves.

Image: Le Flassh/ Topshop

DIY Cut Out Bra

Loved the recent post on Outsapop Trashion about how to make a great cage bustier using wire from an old bra, inspired! For some reason it flicked a switch in my brain, making me recall the burnt bra DIY done by Susie from Style Bubble 12 months ago (in contrast to the type of bra burning my mother did in the sixties in case you are confused). I think it would definitely be possible to combine some aspects of each of these great DIYs, by getting an old black bra and cutting it out at the back and front so that just the, piping, elastic straps and wire from the cups are left.

Images: Style Bubble / Outsapop Trashion

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