DIY – Buckle Boots

Fashion Clique has put their finger on it with the buckle boots post on their blog. If you’re a a bit skint (like me – summer holidays are definitely taking it out of me) use a pair of ankle boots you already have, grab a few matching belts from a thrift store – I usually hone in on the box of assorted belts for less than a quid each – and wrap them around. I have done mine using 5 belts that I have shortened to create almost like small collars that fit snugly around the boots without the need for too much wrapping. done!

Image: Fashion Clique

DIY – Alexander Wang Grey Marl Sweat Shorts

Simply take a pair of old grey marl track pants, cut to shorts, roll the hem up and then stitch in place. The slouchier the better. Best worn with heels/wedges.

Image: Stockholm Streetstyle / Garance Dore / T by Alexander Wang

DIY Sewing Cafe Opens in Paris!

I must be the only DIY enthusiast who hasn’t already heard, but was so excited to learn this morning from Outsapop that a DIY cafe has opened in Paris called Sweat Shop, complete with sewing machines! You can go in, have a coffee and hire their machines to do the finishing touches on your weekly DIY project (or of course start from scratch with a pattern and ream of fabric…). I absolutely love this idea! Although I own a quite good machine in Australia, desire to travel (and party) has stopped me splurging on one whilst living in London. I cannot count the number of times I have wished I could borrow or hire one off someone to do a hem, take something in, shorten sometthing etc etc etc. There is a very twee looking place near my house that does big sewing classes but it always looked like a place stay-at-home mums would fit in better than me. Yet another reason to want to live in Paris! There is talk of the idea coming to London and if I didn’t already have a career (why on earth did I choose to be a town planner again?) I would be looking into it.
Image: Outsapop Trashion

DIY – Skeleton Tights (Inspired by Evil Twin)

vil Twin‘s new lookbook is bursting with DIY inspiration. Grab an old black pair of tights and put them on (or may be easier to get a friend to put them on so you can access them better), get some chalk/white pen and do an outline of the skeleton and then fill in the outline with white acrylic paint. Or, you could do a stencil with paper and place that on the tights and paint over it with white paint. You could buy them for next to nothing here, but that would defeat the DIY purpose, right?

Image: Studded Hearts

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