DIY Distressed Patchwork Denim Jacket

A patchwork denim waistcoat over a distressed jacket? Layer upon layer of DIY genius and inspiration! Floral patches are making my fingers tingle for DIY…

Image: In Search of Little Sadie

DIY Body Necklace

Found this a-maz-ing body necklace made out of rope on Brook and Lyn.You can buy the design on her website (which is also filled with many other amazing treasures), but I might give it a go to DIY? Although, I am sure I could never DIY the amazingness that is the galactical crystal in the middle, so maybe I need to start saving my pennies…?

Images: Brook and Lyn

DIY Tribal Friendship Necklaces

At the moment I am addicted to anything tribal. Found this fantastic tribal friendship necklace DIY at Honestly WTF and I love it. It reminds me of something I would have done with a bunch of girlfriends at the age of 8 (in the very best way). Looks great worn as a belt. The addition of the gold screw nuts.

Images: Honestly WTF

DIY Floral Chain Embellished Sunlasses

Love this. Great for festivals when you are likely to lose your sunglasses. Sunglasses + hot glue + a whole lot of chains + some sweet little plastic flowers = coolness.

Image: In Search of Little Sadie

Ps. I am doing a little DIY giveaway this weekend – so stay tuned! x

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