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What better place to find DIY inspiration than on the streets of New York Fashion week? Here are some of my key picks. *one of which I am currently making!

Create a maxi dress with a wide side split by attaching fabric to a mini skirt or dress.

Create some yummy fabric pom poms.

Spraypaint some jeans. Use cardboard to overlap various colours and create geometric shapes.

Create a sleeveless dress using an oversized thrifted blazer. Stack collar necklaces on top.

Wrap a silk scarf for an arm party update.
Head down to a hardware store for supplies to make a steel mesh bag.

 A complete NYFW rundown to come soon – stick around for my take on the best DIY inspirations for SS12.

Images: Tommy Ton for Style.com, Phil Oh for Vogue.com, Streetfsn


I have a complete addiction to Mara Hoffman (remember my DIY here?), her use of colours and fabrics is second to none and the recent SS12 show in NYC definitely got my creative juices flowing. Erica and Lauren of Honestly Wtf took these gorgeous images of the collection – complete with bright rope jewellery, amazing prints, fabric belts and mexican fabrics made into to-die-for mini shorts. This collection is so amazing it managed to snap me out of my holiday revelry and into blogging mode – I just hadddd go share it! I really want to make a pair of mini shorts using the bright mexican fabric, how amazing are they?


If you’ve been following me for a while, you’ll remember my Wardrobe Rehab project, where I set about refining and clarifying my wardrobe. I decided to do it because at the time I always found it hard to get dressed in the morning – my closet was overflowing with wayyy to much mismatched stuff. Recently I did a recap of the project – I thought it would be good to freshen up my wardrobe once again. Here is a recap of the steps I followed (click on each step in the text below to be taken to the detailed post).
Step 1| Cull – Go through all your clothes and sell/swap/throw out/DIY anything that doesn’t fit well, make you feel good or suit you.
Step 2| Define Your Style – Look at what you have left over – what styles look good on you and what would you like to change?
Step 3| Gather Essentials - Make a list of essential wardrobe items to be the foundation of your closet, and a (long term) strategy for how you will get these in your wardrobe. These are my essentials.
Step 4| Organise Your Closet – Sort and organise your closet so it’s easy to find the things you need.
Step 5| Choose Colour Palette – Decide what colours suit you and stick with neutral colours for basics and essentials – navy, black, white, camel (and if you’re like me, red!).
Step 6| Focus Your Shopping - Stick to the list of your required essentials, focusing on quality over quantity, and stay away from sales and cheap stores where you will be tempted to buy things that don’t match your aesthetic and will be worn out in no time.