Ok so neon seriously won’t quit for me – and I think it’s going to be pretty big this coming summer too, if the neon shoes I see everywhere are anything to go by. I’ve got my eye out for some neon leather paint as we speak…

Apologies for my ongoing addiction to anything neon, I swear this will fade some time soon…
Kurt Geiger, Opening Ceremony , Sass & Bide
Senso Agnes, Sass & Bide, Kurt Geiger
Diane Von Furstenberg, Lanvin, Stella McCartney


Even though many of us are looking towards spring and summer, in reality most of us are still wrapping up in order to leave the house (except southern hemisphere readers – but your turn will come!). And by now your knits are probably looking a bit tired after constant wear – so how about breathing a bit of life into them with some dip dying? I love this look.
Copy the one below by dip dying a coloured knit, but dipping upside down so the gradation of colour comes from the top. You could also do reverse dying – by taking a dark blue knit and bleaching the colour out of the bottom – although it’s  more difficult to know what you’ll get what you do this. One last tip – always use natural fabrics like cotton, denim or wool, as polyester doesn’t take one dye very well. Yup, been there, done that.
Image: h&m knit (I think) via Studded Hearts


I love this idea for a hanging inspiration wall. Pin some lengths of wire or string to the wall and then sellotape  magazine tear outs, postcards, love notes etc onto the string. Why not do a monthly hanging wall with your favourite looks, places to travel to, instagram print outs and whatever else takes your fancy? Such a simple way to feel inspired.

Image: Free People Blog
Can I pleeeeeeeeeeease work in the Free People office? It is truly amazing.

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Recently I refashioned a white lace mini skirt by lining it with a tube of bright red/orange jersey fabric – inspired by similar skirts I saw from Sass & Bide and Taylor Tomasi Hill for Lane Crawford. I made a tube of jersey to add but alternatively you could add a ready made colored tube skirt and just alter it to fit the zip in your skirt if it has one.


You need:
– A white lace mini skirt (here or here). A pencil skirt would also look good!
– Some bright coloured jersey fabric – use any colour you like!
– A needle and thread
– A Sewing Machine (optional)

How to:
1. Lay the skirt over the top of the jersey fabric to work out how long you need the tube skirt.
2. Cut out the fabric in the shape of the skirt, cutting a piece that is double the hip width of the skirt (so you can fold it in half and sew one seam to create a tube).
3. Fold the fabric in half.
4. Sew the edges together to create a tube – you can hand or machine sew.There will probably be a zip somewhere in your lace skirt – back or side, so  leave an opening in the seam of your tube for the zip.
5.  Put the skirt on and slip the tube over the top of the lining but under the lace – orientating the seam of the jersey tube to the seam of the zip
6. Push the tube carefully between the fabric all the way to the edges of the waistband and zip and pin in place. You want none of the original lining to be showing through.
7. Take the skirt off and carefully hand stitch the coloured jersey lining in place along the waistband and down the sides of the zip.

Voila! You should have completely covered the original lining with the coloured tube skirt. I didn’t have much problem with riding up of the jersey lining – make your tube skirt quite tight to stop this happening.

And you’re done! You can wear this skirt a few times like this, and then remove the coloured lining or replace with another colour afterwards. Talk about making your clothes work for you rather than the other way around.
Inspiration images via Sass & Bide and How I Met Your Style
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