DIY Summer Inspiration

I have been inspired  to DIY constantly this summer. Everything I see makes me think ‘how can I whip that up myself?’. Here are a few ideas that I have been toying with… Have you got any summer DIY ideas that are playing on your mind?

And for all my lovely southern hemisphere readers, there is a winter version of this post coming shortly. I would never forget my gals downunder!
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DIY Rug Bustier Top

Last week I posted here about the outfit that I planned to wear to the wedding while I was in Thailand, but in true Geneva style decided to change it last minute. A lovely girl over at the AP&AS facebook page commented that I should make a top out of the rugs (I am sure by now you are familiar with the rugs!), and really the rest is history. I made this cropped bustier before I went on holidays and paired it with my watermelon high waisted trousers on the day. Who said you can’t wear a doormat to a wedding?
And just in case you thought a girl can’t have fun while wearing a rug…
Wearing: DIY rug bustier top, A Pair & A Spare watermelon trousers, rope bag from Thailand, Karen Walker ‘Number One’ sunglasses, River Island tan heeled sandals, pendant necklace from a boutique in Le Marais.
ps. how cute is the elephant trainer’s denim getup? oh so very Stella SS11!

DIY Cacharel Inspired Collared Midriff Top

As soon as I saw this image I fell in love with the gorgeous collared midriff top. I loved the fitted and rib grazing style. Only recently I worked out that it was by Cacharel – and decided I need to make a similar style in a bout of pre-holiday craftiness. Whilst I haven’t jumped head first into the crop top craze for fear of not being able to pull it off, I found it easy to wear this style to death while I was on holidays in Thailand, and think I may have been converted!

 The Inspiration
The DIY:
You’ll need a cotton/linen collared shirt (long or short sleeves, it doesn’t matter), scissors, a sewing machine.
1. Cut the arms off the shirt – You can either cut from under the arms all the way to under the collar, or make the shoulders a touch wider like I did so you can wear a bra with straps. Make sure the shoulders are symmetrical.
2. Put the shirt on and mark with chalk where you want the bottom of the midriff crop to be – make sure to add an inch or so for the hemming. Cut the shirt straight across along your chosen length.
3. Now all you need to do is hem the crop and the shoulders. I used a sewing machine but you could easily hand sew. To make the shirt more fitted, I also put a number of darts in the back and front of the shirt, so that it was more fitted under the breast. Done!
Wearing in top photo – DIY Midriff Top, A Pair & A Spare shorts, River Island gladiator sandals.
Wearing in bottom photo – DIY Midriff Top, A Pair & A Spare lace shorts, rope bag from thailand, suede ballet flats.
So what do you think – to crop or not to crop?

DIY Rope Belt

Use rope to belt some high waisted pants.

Image: Knock You For Six