Hands off snakey! (ok yes lame snake pun). It looks like snake print is going to be big for AW11. I had an ick moment when I first saw it at Chloe, Prada and Valentino a couple of months ago as part of the AW11 collections – kind of reminded me of slinky backless tops I used to snap up from Valleygirl in my early teens and wear to school dances.  But interestingly it has very much grown on me - I guess its a more subtle version of leopard print no?

Anyway, here’s some snake inspired inspiration from the Chloe and Prada AW11 shows (pics courtesy of Style.com) and also some of me doing my best to pull off snake print without looking like roadkill. Will you be getting amongst the snake print any time soon? If you shop at Zara you probably won’t have any choice…
Wearing: A Pair & A Spare silk snake print romper, H&M khaki jacket, Mango bootines, Asos floppy fedora.


Things have been so busy recently – with DIYs, collaborations and a side project (more on that soon I promise!) it’s felt a little out of control. I’m half way through the fourth and final in the DIY LBD Series (ok so maybe more like a third of the way).  Prior to finishing it, here’s a recap of the three I have done previously. I have worn them to death – that’s the remit for a LBD right?
Black Wrapped Dress | Backless Dress | Gucci Inspired Rope Neck Dress


These amazing zip jeans by Avelon being worn by Sabrina of Afterdrk  inspire me to DIY. Time to commence the zip hunt!