This absolutely gorgeous Camilla and Marc dress is something I’ve put on my list for summer – Sara and Jess make it look effortlessly amazing. The design actually made me think of how simple it would be to create a dress like this using a high waisted skirt and some fabric made into a halter, attached to the waistband of the skirt – leaving your back exposed to create a stunning backless look. I actually made something similar a number of years ago to a party – I distinctly remember a minor wardrobe malfunction (after a few glasses of bubbles) but I don’t think my 17 year old self minded…

Images via Harper & Harley and Tuula (by Zanita)


These days we seem to carry our cameras as much as our handbags, so there’s no reason why yours shouldn’t look great whilst hanging from your shoulder. A chain shoulder strap is so easy to make and almost feels like you’re wearing amazing jewelry while you snap away. Read on to see how to make one yourself.
diy chain camera straps
diy chain camera strap 3

You need:
– 2 m of strong but lightweight bronze chain (you don’t want to double the weight of your camera!)
– 2 sliplock buckles (I used the ones that came on my nikon strap)
– 50cm of strong nylon webbing
– E6000 glue

diy chain camera strap process 1

How to:
1. Cut the nylon webbing in half.

diy chain camera strap process 2

2. Slide one end of the nylon webbing through the camera strap holder on the camera.

diy chain camera strap process 3

3. On the outer lower half of the nylon webbing, thread one of the sliplock buckles

diy chain camera strap process 4

4. Fold the chain in half and slide the two loose ends onto the nylon webbing.

diy chain camera strap process 5

5. Double the nylon webbing over and pass back through the sliplock buckle.

diy chain camera strap process 6

6. Thread the other loose end through the sliplock buckle and reinforce both ends with E6000 glue.

diy chain camera strap process 7

7. Press down to dry and feel free to reinforce the glue with some hand stitches through the webbing. Finally, repeat this process for the other end of the strap.

diy chain camera strap process 8
If you are concerned about the chain breaking or any other mishaps, add another strap of nylon webbing for reinforcement, attached directly onto the camera’s strap holders, and weave though the chain for a decorative look. Worried that the chain might pinch your shoulder? You can also wrap and glue some leather around the shoulder section. Fortunately mine isn’t too uncomfortable, but might be annoying if I put a huge lens on – I’ll let you know!
diy chain camera strap 6
diy chain camera strap 1
diy chain camera straps 2

Wearing: DIY Lace Shorts (kinda like these), Khaki Vest from Hong Kong, Steve Madden Leopard Print Loafers


Recently I had the misfortune of stepping on the screen of my kindle. Before you try it for yourself let me say they don’t withstand that sort of calousness, and so I had to put my kindle to rest. Sad moment for all. In a moment of hating technology, I’ve decided it’s time to get back into reading actual books, which I can stand on all I like. Time to start collecting again!  But where oh where to store them? My mind has naturally turned to book shelves, one of those infinitely DIYable pieces of furniture.
Here are some thoughts on how to DIY your own:
  • The crate bookshelf – Stack crates on top of each other and wire together. You can also use boxes or even recycled drawers from a wardrobe. My brother once made one of these out of mild crates across the whole of one wall of his bedroom – was super cool!
  • The metal pipe bookshelf – Screw angled metal piping to the walls and balance books on the angles. 
  • The ladder bookshelf – Put some wooden planks on a ladder to create a makeshift bookshelf.
  • The brick and plank bookshelf – An oldie but a goodie, and popular with uni students everywhere, stack some bricks and planks of wood to create a simple book case.

Here’s a few ideas about how they could be put together. Do you have any other DIY bookshelf ideas?


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    Images: Real Simple, Design Sponge, Remodelista, Decor Hacks, Curbly, Apartment Therapy, The Fancy, Swiss Miss, French By Design, The Marion House Book


    I used to do this one when I was in high school with elastic waisted skirts – super simple! If you have a bigger bust you can belt the dress around the waist to give you some shape. 

    Image: STREETFSN

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