DIY Flower Harness Underwear

How amazing and gorgeously textured are these flower encrusted harness bras? You could definitely make your own with the help of a bra, some plastic or silk flowers and a glue gun. I love it. If you haven’t got a hot glue gun you should definitely invest – they are absolutely essential for DIY.

Images: Studded Hearts

Blogger DIYs Round Two

Stumbled on a few more amazing DIYs from my favourite bloggers out in cyberspace. Here they are!
Addicted to these Elin Kling Inspired Clutch and Jil Sander Inspired Market Bag from Style Hurricane.

DIY cut off jacket and fantastic inside out knotted dress from the lovely Shannon of Dirty Hair Halo.

Amazing denim clutch from Kelly of Lions, Tigers & Fashion.

Blogger DIYs

So I’ve been so busy making dresses and earrings and working on a few other little projects that I haven’t had the time to post some of my favourite DIYs from other creative bloggers. Shame on me! I’m drawn to DIYs like a moth to a flame, so here are some of my favourites.
This gorgeous T strap bra by Ivania of Love Aesthetics is amazing and soo simple! Ivania also made a great wrap skirt using a grey marl long sleeved sweatshirt.

DIYs jewellery using fluro/nautical rope are very popular at the moment – with good reason! This one by Andy of Style Scrapbook is amazing. Being a rock climbing enthusiast it the clasp particularly appeals to me. Check it out here.

Another perfectly executed DIY by A Matter of Style – why buy (from Zara) when you can DIY should be my new motto.

Another great DIY clutch from the adorable MJ of Dreaming Spires and Old Car Tyres – made using a thrifted leather skirt. Perfect!

How amazing is this beaded collar from the lovely Alexandra of She is Red?

Colour Quandry…

I need your help! I’m sure a lot of you are familiar with the bright orange side split dress I made last week. Well I went fabric shopping today and bought these two gorgeous silk fabrics. I am going to make another version of the dress using one of these fabrics… but which? Please ignore the fact that it looks like I am trying to do my best Aishwarya Rai impression (oh to BE her!), I wanted you to get an idea of what the colour would look like on. So what do you think? Update: Made the dress out of one of the fabrics – but still undecided about the best colour… eep!