The last week of summer ladies and gents – I hope it’s been a good one! You’ll have noticed that the shops are full of autumn/winter gear, so what investments should you make to ensure you are AW11 ready? Fear not – you really don’t have to go out and buy a whole new wardrobe. A couple of key pieces is all you need.

Hopefully you have a set of good quality basics (if you don’t see this post, and this one also, to give you a helping hand in that department) to which you can add a couple of items for instant updates. What will I be investing in? I’m loving the snake/mustard/maroon/and monotone palette for the cooler months. And glitter encrusted shoes (cue my recent DIY), as well as collar necklaces and statement boots.

Make sure to duck into your local thrift stores and flea markets to see if they have anything in these colour palettes and styles. I’ll be DIYing my most lusted after items and trends – so stay tuned for key autumn/winter looks that you can make yourself (camel cape or leather skirt anyone?).

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I have an insane addiction to shiny things. I went through a phase where I only bought shoes if they were black and patent. Now it’s glitter encrusted shoes that I can’t get enough of. It started with the Giuseppe Zanotti glitter finished boots. Now the Miu Miu Glitter heels have taken the spotlight and promise to be the it-shoe of the season. Unfortunately I would need to leverage myself a bit too much for my comfort to be able to afford these babies, so I recently went about recreating the look.

Unfortunately I couldn’t emulate the distinctive rounded toe and bent heeled style of the Miu Miu shoes, so I used pointed shoes that I already had. Bright pink Louboutins in fact. I picked them up from a Hong Kong flea market for about $5, cos that’s how HK flea markets roll ya’ll. They still had the Lane Crawford price tag on which said $2800HK (roughly $400). But the patent finish was completely cut up  – unfortunately unfixable. The previous owner had tried to fix it with ill-matched pink nail polish, rookie! So they were perfect for my glitter project.

You’ll need:
Gold glitter
Acrylic glue
A paint brush

How to:
1. Clean the shoes, and then lightly sand them to rough up the surface so the glue sticks properly.
2. Mix the glue and glitter together in a container.
3. Paint the shoe with the glitter glue.
4. Sprinkle with extra glitter to fully coat the shoes. Don’t worry about getting glitter inside the shoes, just clean them up once the glue has dried.

5. Since these pics were taken I have also done a second coat on the heel part of the shoes – there were some spots I had missed. You may get away with a single coat, but feel free to do a second coat if required.

Voila! Best worn with skinny trousers rolled at the hem.  I think in retrospect these heels look more like these Givenchy ones or the glittery Christian Louboutin pumps worn by Carrie in the SATC movie – but my original inspiration was the Miu Miu ones.

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Hands off snakey! (ok yes lame snake pun). It looks like snake print is going to be big for AW11. I had an ick moment when I first saw it at Chloe, Prada and Valentino a couple of months ago as part of the AW11 collections – kind of reminded me of slinky backless tops I used to snap up from Valleygirl in my early teens and wear to school dances.  But interestingly it has very much grown on me - I guess its a more subtle version of leopard print no?

Anyway, here’s some snake inspired inspiration from the Chloe and Prada AW11 shows (pics courtesy of and also some of me doing my best to pull off snake print without looking like roadkill. Will you be getting amongst the snake print any time soon? If you shop at Zara you probably won’t have any choice…
Wearing: A Pair & A Spare silk snake print romper, H&M khaki jacket, Mango bootines, Asos floppy fedora.