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Combining two of my favourite things, a way to know how long it is until lunch and gold fishtail chain, to me this is the ultimate in functional and aesthetical DIYs. Read on to see how to make your own!

a pair and a spare DIY watch

For this project you can actually use any chain you like, a mix of different chains even (although like to stick to the same palette but that’s just me). I chose fishtail because I love the look of it but feel free to be imaginative!

You need:

  • enough fishtail chain to go around your wrist roughly four times, for me that was about 1 metre (40 inches).
  • an old watch
  • beading plyers
  • jump rings
  • lobster clasps

or if you’re loving chain as much as I am at the moment, grab yourself a chain crafting kit to experiment with this and lots of other chain projects.

a pair and a spare DIY watch

How to:

1. Use your plyers to take the watch straps off.

a pair and a spare DIY watch

2. Take the pins out of the straps.

a pair and a spare DIY watch

3. Put them back on the watch the add 4 jump rings to the pins.

a pair and a spare DIY watch

4. Cut the fishtail chain into 4 equal pieces and two ends to the jump rings on one side.

a pair and a spare DIY watch

5. Do the same on the other side.

a pair and a spare DIY watch

6. Add lobster clasps to the other end and wrap around your wrist to put on. Done!

a pair and a spare DIY watch

a pair and a spare DIY watch

First and last images by Sabrina Sikora


Over the last couple of months I’ve become obsessed with packaging, something I rarely noticed in the past has become an almost addiction – I find myself loitering in the boutique supermarkets here in hong kong ooohing and ahhing over french soup cans… weird I know. When it comes to the perfect package, it’s all about how it represents the product itself, and so what better way to package up beautiful handmade pieces than with equally love-intensive packaging? My friend Megan (she of the amazing macrame necklace) recently shared with me her process for creating the gorgeous handmade swingtags she puts on her rope bags, and I couldn’t help but share. Read on to see how she does it!


I have to say that the imperfect design and feel of these swing tags is what, to me, makes them so perfect!

Images thanks to Knots & Knits


Perhaps I was a french sailor in a past life but anything nautical feels so right to me. My closet is filled up to the brim with everything striped and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The addition of a little bit of rope to an already sea faring outfit could be a cliche, but what can I say, it just works. AND when that rope has a little bit o’ sparkle? Well let’s be honest it’s one of those horse and carriage situations.

DIY statement rope necklace

You need:

  • Cotton rope
  • Scissors (love these)
  • Some sort of statement crystal embellishment (you can get one here)
  • 2 end caps
  • 2 jump rings
  • a lobster clasp
  • glue
  • jewelry tools
  • thread matching your rope
  • a needle

Or you can buy the kit here.

DIY statement rope necklace1

How to:

1. Start by cutting your rope to size and then putting some glue into the end caps.

DIY statement rope necklace2

2. Press the rope end into the end cap.

DIY statement rope necklace3

3. Leave to dry overnight.

DIY statement rope necklace4

4. Line up the leaf charm in the centre of the necklace.

DIY statement rope necklace5

5. Thread your needle and tie a knot on the end. Line up the needle with the end of the charm.

DIY statement rope necklace6

6. Sew through the hole and back again, securing the charm and the rope together.

DIY statement rope necklace 7

7. Take the thread back through and continue to sew the charm onto the rope, passing through the rope each time so it is nice and secure.

diy statement rope necklace

8. Once you get to the end, pass through the eye and to the back of the rope.

DIY statement rope necklace 8

9. Knot and trim the thread.

DIY statement rope necklace9

10. Finally, open a jump ring and add a lobster clasp.

DIY statement rope necklace10

11. Secure with plyers to one eye on the end cap.

DIY statement rope necklace11

12. Add a jump ring to the other end cap to complete the necklace.

DIY statement rope necklace12


diy statement rope necklace

Have you checked out all the kits I designed? I’m having a fun time creating more and can’t wait to share.

Imagery by Sabrina Sikora.