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Originating from a climate that tends to be more about the beach at Christmas than it is about the snow, unconventional christmas trees are nothing new to me, every second home in Australia has a eucalyptus struggling under the weight of home made ornaments. For that reason, every year I like to rack my brain for simple, unconventional tree ideas, as much as a means of simplicity (and, ahem, lateness) as it is for the purposes of sparing a defenceless evergreen. I found a bunch of super cool hand made trees, some much easier to create than others!

do it yourself christmas treesdo it yourself christmas treesdo it yourself christmas treesdo it yourself christmas trees

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If you’re thinking it’s time for another ‘just add sequins‘ project, you’d be right! I spied these amazing jeans recently and wanted desperately to recreate the look, but when I tested out it out by pinning the sequin pieces to the knees I found they didn’t have the same effect (I have a feeling my legs need to be at least a foot longer…). So I decided to use the sequins to make these sequin pockets jeans instead. What I like to call turning a problem into a solution!

DIY Sequin Pocket Jeans

You need:

  • a pair of jeans
  • sequin fabric
  • scissors
  • needle and matching thread
  • craft paper
  • pencil

DIY Sequin Pocket Jeans

How to:

1. Trace the shape of your pocket on the craft paper and then cut it out.

DIY Sequin Pocket Jeans

2. Lay the shape onto the sequins, lining it up with the grain properly – I lined it up so the sequins went straight up and down, but it will depend what type of sequin fabric you use.

DIY Sequin Pocket Jeans

3. Cut out two of the pocket shapes. Because my pockets weren’t completely symmetrical I flipped the cut out for the second patch so they mirrored each other.

DIY Sequin Pocket Jeans

4. Place the sequins over the pockets and sew them down using small stitches. Because the edges are raw, make sure you sew along the very edge and try to secure all the edge sequins so you get less fraying. You can always turn the edges over and sew down but the fabric I used was a little too thick for that.

DIY Sequin Pocket Jeans

Voila! The best thing about hand sewing a project like this is that you can rock them for a few wears then take them off when you want to go back to simple denim.

DIY Sequin Pocket Jeans

First and last pictures by Sabrina Sikora


Sequin embellished denim shorts have been on my list of things to make for at least the last year and so when H&M asked me to make something for their Summer magazine inspired by how I would dress at a festival, I knew that it was time to tackle this style. Sadly my trip to Glastonbury was super last minute (more on that later) so I didn’t get to take these with me. Boo! Looking forward to wearing them at other festivals this season (Summer Sonic in Japan perhaps?).

diy sequin shorts 192 h&m magazine a pair and a spare geneva vanderzeil

You need:

  • Denim shorts (I made mine from vintage jeans I found)
  • Sequin fabric
  • Tracing paper
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Pins

DSC_5242H&M sequin festival shorts1

How to:
1. You are going to do the embellishment in two different sections for each side of the shorts. First, lay the tracing paper on the top of one side of the shorts.

DSC_5255H&M sequin festival shorts2

2. Use a pen to trace where you want the sequins to go and then cut out a pattern to match the front panel of the shorts.

DSC_5267H&M sequin festival shorts3

3. Pin the pattern to the sequin fabric right side up.

DSC_5270H&M sequin festival shorts4

4. Cut the piece of sequin fabric out. Repeat for the other side of the shorts so you have two pieces of sequin fabric.

DSC_5277H&M sequin festival shorts6

5. Use your needle and thread to carefully sew the edges of the sequin fabric to the denim shorts – I ran along the edges to secure the sequins so they didn’t fall off where the fabric was cut. Do this for both pieces of sequin fabric, making sure to line up the middle seam carefully so there’s no gap.

DSC_5287H&M sequin festival shorts7

6.  Cut a slit so the beltloops of the jeans can still be seen and then sew around to secure. If required, trim any excess sequins along the hem and waistline.

DSC_5288H&M sequin festival shorts8

All done! Time to hit a festival, or the beach perhaps?
DSC_5341H&M sequin festival shorts diy sequin shorts 194

Wearing: DIY Sequin Shorts, Madewell Silk Shirt, Coach Watch, Karen Walker Number One Sunglasses, Mango Boots

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