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As I mentioned a few days ago, the whole ‘fingers crossed it doesn’t rain’ business didn’t even slightly work this year at Glastonbury – it’s the first time in my five festivals that it’s rained so hard that your skin actually hurts through your raincoat. Needless to say wellies were a must – oh how I alternately loved, and then hated, my little red hunters. Oh and did I mention there was thunderstorm and they had to close the stages for a couple of hours on the Friday afternoon? Luckily my attitude was that it allowed more time for hitting the organic felafel stand! Another upside of the mayhem was that stage times were a bit out of wack and we ended up seeing Polica in a tent with about 20 other people. THE moment of the festival. Oh and I didn’t let the mud stop me wearing my new DIY kimono (in action here and here)! The lovely team over at Free People asked me to share my favourite bits of the festival, so feel free to head over to their blog here to hear more (including my favourite acts) and see the rest of my pics.

Glasto pics

Wearing: Free People romper, J Crew Jacket & Hat, Hunter wellies

Glasto picsGlasto picsGlasto picsGlasto picsGlasto picsGlasto picsGlasto picsGlasto picsGlasto picsGlasto picsGlasto picsGlasto picsGlasto pics

There were times when the weather, and weight of the mud on my boots, got so bad that it had me thinking I may have to end my annual pilgrimage to the somerset countryside (a big commitment when you live in Hong Kong), but on looking back, I can only remember the good bits and am already planning next year!


Ok so despite the torrential rain (that anti rain dance wasn’t worth the trouble), Glastonbury was a seriously fantastic weekend. But more on that later! One thing I noticed while I was there was the dominance of a few key ‘festival dressing’ trends. One which sort of surprised me was the proliferation of the mermaid/ sea punk theme – there was seriously miles of blue and pink hair on display and flat backed pearls applied to faces like it was nobody’s business. Another trend which I have to say I was getting amongst myself was the kimono one – not so practical in half a foot of mud but that sure didn’t stop me or any other girl!  Being a lover of kimonos ourselves, last week Wander & Hunt and I created this no sew one (you got a glimpse of the BTS here during my week with Ferragamo) – perfect for those of you a bit scared of the thought of a needle and thread. It’s available in two prints so there’s something for everyone, and is Glastonbury festival tested so what more could you want?

No sew kimono DIY craft kit www.apairandasparediy.comNo sew kimono DIY craft kit www.apairandasparediy.comMake a kimono with absolutely no sewing!

You need:

  • 1 floral scarf
  • Black fringe
  • 50 x large gold prong studs
  • 50 x gold metal backing plates
  • plyers

You can buy the kit in floral and in geometric.

Make a kimono with absolutely no sewing! www.apairandasparediy.comMake a kimono with absolutely no sewing!

Instead of sewing you’re going to be using round prone studs to attach the fringe and create the arms, we were excited while we were creating these because it really is such a simple method!

How to:

1.  Iron the piece of fabric and fold it in half lengthways.

Make a kimono with absolutely no sewing!

2. Measure approximately 60cm (24″) from either ends of the fabric and mark it clearly with a pin or chalk. You will be attaching the sides together to create sleeves while the middle section will be open and act as the body of the kimono. The fringe will go all the way along from end to end, but in the middle section it will only be attached to the bottom side of the fabric.

Make a kimono with absolutely no sewing!

3. Place the fringe along the edge of the double up edge of fabric.

Make a kimono with absolutely no sewing!

4. Using the round prong studs, start pressing them through at 3cm (a little more than 1 inch) intervals, sandwiching both sides of the fabric together.

Make a kimono with absolutely no sewing!

5. When you are closing the prongs, add one of the ‘blanks’ into the back so it locks the fabric in and then press the prongs down.

Make a kimono with absolutely no sewing!

6. When you get to the 60cm (24 in) point where you marked with pins, continue to attach the fringe all the way along but only to the underside of the fabric rather than both.

Make a kimono with absolutely no sewing!

Volia! Alanna from Wander & Hunt and I are loving it!

No sew kimono DIY craft kit www.apairandasparediy.comMake a kimono with absolutely no sewing!

Buy the kimono kit in floral and geometric (and read a slightly more detailed tutorial over at Wander & Hunt here).

Photos by lovely Marion Tessier


I’m very excited to be jumping on a plane tonight and heading to my favourite weekend of the year – Glastonbury Festival. The lead up to the festivities requires an almost zen-like ability to avoid the weather forecast – a trait I clearly don’t possess as the last few weeks have seen me frantically clicking between every weather source hoping to get a favourable report, with varying levels of exhilaration and depression depending on the (always completely vague) predictions. Two weeks ago it was all good – sunshine and byo sunscreen was the name of the game, but in true British weather style that’s quickly turned to heavy rain and mountains of mud predicted. Oh well! Nothing’s going to stop me enjoying what has turned into an annual pilgrimage, although sunshine would be nice – if only to keep the water table from threatening our tent. In an ode to the weather gods, I decided to put together the ultimate ‘if it stops raining for half an hour’ Glastonbury festival outfit – complete with DIY kimono and distressed shorts. Consider this my anti rain dance! Although after attending four previous glastos I’m can’t help but be aware that in all likelihood it will be my wellies and not my DIY fringed kimono, shorts, and sunhat which get a workout this weekend, but a girl can dream right?

Festival outfit www.apairandasparediy.comFestival outfit www.apairandasparediy.comFestival outfit

Outfit: DIY Kimono  (coming to Wander & Hunt soon!), One Teaspoon shorts, Brixton hat, Rachael Pally crop top, Witchery boots, Made bag.

Stayed tuned to instagram for outfit, music and weather updates over the course of the weekend.