Wardrobe Rehab


Although having a mismatched wardrobe is entirely a first world problem, it can be a very real problem. At least, it was for me before I  adopted the ‘four ways‘ rule (part of my Wardrobe Rehab) - by attempting to make sure that everything I buy goes with at least 4 outfits in my closet before I pull out my wallet. For all you serial shoppers out there, it can also be a useful tool for post-purchase-justification, but that’s not really the point is it now… Although I give most of my closet the four ways treatment, I wanted to share with you one item that’s surprised me by becoming one of the most versatile pieces in my wardrobe – the backpack.

a pair and a spare four ways to wear a backpack

Backpacks are one of those things your mum always tells you that you need, but since the huge poo brown brick of a backpack I was made to wear throughout high school I haven’t really been able to go there. Skip forward a few years and I’ve done a complete 180, helped primarily by a black leather one from Whistles that has pretty much become an extra appendage since I added it to my cart. I must say, it has done wonders for my posture – my mother would be proud! And what’s even better is that when I wear it I get a sense of schoolgirl-esque nostalgia that adds a shine to the day (sans detentions and being constantly told ‘if only you’d apply yourself!’). Recently Whistles sent me this silver backpack from their new SS14 collection, and I thought what better way to test it out than to put it (as well as my own black backpack) to a classic four way?

a pair and a spare four ways to wear a backpack

Whistles Verity Rucksack (in stock in silver soon), Whistles Portland Rucksack

A few other fun options:

$$$: The Row, Alexander Wang. $: Topshop, New Look, Asos.

a pair and a spare four ways to wear a backpack

Outfit 1: Whistles Portland Rucksack, Witchery Sweater (like this), Whistles Silver Skirt, Madewell silk shirt (Like this), Chelsea boots, Asos fedora

Outfit 2: Whistles Verity Rucksack, Topshop white teeWitchery Sweater (like this), DIY neoprene skirt, Zara booties, Asos fedora.

a pair and a spare four ways to wear a backpack

Outfit 3: Whistles Portland Rucksack, Whistles silver skirt, Macgraw blush blazer, Topshop tee, Asos fedora, Witchery flats (like these)

Outfit 4: Whistles Verity Rucksack, Topshop white teeWitchery Sweater (like this), Witchery fluted skirt , Asos fedora, Witchery flats (like these).

a pair and a spare four ways to wear a backpack

Outfit 5: Whistles Verity Rucksack, Witchery Sweater (like this),  Madewell silk shirt (Like this), DIY cut off denim shorts,  grey fedora, Chelsea boots.

Outfit 6: Whistles Portland Rucksack, Whistles silver cami, Whistles silver skirtWitchery Sweater (like this), Asos fedora, Chelsea boots.

a pair and a spare four ways to wear a backpack

Outfit 7: Whistles Portland Rucksack, Boda Skins leather jacket (another here), Witchery Sweater (like this), Whistles silver cami, DIY neoprene skirt, Zara booties, Asos fedora

Outfit 8: Whistles Verity RucksackBoda Skins leather jacket (another here), Witchery Sweater (like this), Whistles silver cami, Crew Jeans, Zara Booties, Asos fedora.

Interestingly the silver backpack appears just as wearable as the black one I have, although if you’re dipping your toe into the whole backpack shenanigans I’d probably choose a neutral tone to start with, then start experimenting with prints and intergalactic metallics.

On another note, I’m so looking forward to watching the Whistles AW14 show via their livestream, I love that you don’t have to actually go to the shows to get a touch of fashion week. Make sure you tune in next Monday 17th at 11.30 am GMT here to watch it!


The holidays are a time for reflection, a time to ask ourselves the big questions. An overindulgence in family, friends and daze inducing turkey often makes one stop and think ‘What’s important to me?’, ‘Is it worse to fail at something or never attempt it in the first place?’, ‘Where do butterflies go when it rains?’ or (probably) ‘How is it possible that I ate a whole carton of caramel popcorn?’. With so many deep philosophical conundrums for pondering (or arguing – after 5 glasses of wine – if your family is anything like mine), the last question you want to be asking yourself during the holidays is ‘How do I dress in the holiday spirit without looking like a christmas tree that’s been decorated by a blind Moulin Rouge dancer, or Mark Darcy?’. Fear not! There are plenty of outfit options for the festive season that don’t involve fairy lights, jingle bells or snowman sweaters. Stylebop and I recently got together to create an outfit that’s a slightly more subtle nod to the season of excess – a simple palette of red, white and black, with a side of bling (of course).  Not quite Santa’s little helper, but as close as I’m willing to get without an appearance fee.

Classic colour combos Classic colour combos Classic colour combos
Classic colour combos Classic colour combos

Wearing: Fausto Puglisi dress via  Stylebop, leather jacket via  Stylebop, necklace  via  Stylebop, Tony Bianco heels, Clutch (like this one).

Photos: Luke Casey


Ever since I blogged over a year ago about dressing in three colours, I have to say that this concept has come to rule my wardrobe. Although there’s still the odd moment when life gets in the way and I go out looking like a rainbow, I do seem to have caught the bug of always wanting to pair colours perfectly, and even worse, feeling ever so slightly uncomfortable when I realise I’m wearing more than 3 shades.  Pedantic? Maybe. But these little issues are just side effects of looking, dare I say it, generally more pulled together than prior to discovering this concept. If only I had known this when I was in my teens! I would have avoided plenty of ‘avert your eyes children’ situations.

On that note, I have to say I’ve become slightly obsessed with the concept of classic colour combos, sets of (often 3 or less) colours that never fail to go together and help you look impeccably well styled (or as close to that as it is possible for someone like me – usually coffee stained or lost scarf – is able to be). My pinterest board on the topic seems to be my most populated and never fails to inspire an outfit or two (I’m thinking red white and denim for tonight… ). Never one to pass up the opportunity to look awkward in front of a camera, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite colour combinations, ones that to me, never fail to please the eye.

First up, this simple palette of black, white and khaki. Nothing too cray cray here kids, just a combination of colours that work 99.999% of the time and is always incredibly simple to throw on. By adding a little bit of sequin to the mix (like these DIY shorts), you can elevate a simple casual jacket like this parka (a must in my closet) to something wholly more out-on-the-town worthy, perfect for that cool girl vibe you’re trying to channel for your work christmas party.

wardrobe rehab: c;assic colour combosWardrobe RehabWardrobe Rehab

Wearing: Bershka Parka (like this one or this one), 2nd Day Skirt via here, Rag & Bone tee via here, Zara Booties (kinda like these or these ), Clutch (like this one).

This little outfit of something sparkly and something casual thrown together also encompasses another Wardrobe Rehab rule I’ve been working on, but I’ll get to that soon…

Images by Luke Casey