Wardrobe Rehab


Over the last few years, a focus on collecting the perfect wardrobe staples has helped me to create a closet that’s adaptable, flexible, and never (ok… rarely) leaves me wracking my brain about what to wear in the morning. It’s only natural that I’m drawn to companies that understand the concept of timeless basics, and how important they are as a foundation for any wardrobe. New start up Grana has totally nailed this for me, with their ethos of sourcing the best possible fabrics to create simple, long lasting pieces that you’ll wear and wear (and wear). Did I mention that they’re affordable? ‘Disruptive’ is, let’s be honest, an often used word these days but in relation to Grana’s prices, it’s not far off the mark.

Over a couple of days last week I had the fun job of showing Nicola around my favourite markets in Hong Kong, as part of a road test of their new Chinese silk tanks –  and also as a way to slack off and hang out in my favourite places. Road test scores, in the event that you’re interest? In the face of humidity, rain, angry taxi drivers and the 1000 different odours we experienced during the week (think of the olfactory variety at the flowers, bird and gold fish markets!), these tanks passed with flying colours. One thing to mention is that it’s perhaps a good idea to size down on this particular style.

I thought I would share with you a few sneak photos of our week, but you’ll have to wait a few days for the more details travel guide – utter chaos proved to be oh so photogenic!

Hong Kong's markets www.apairandasparediy.comHong Kong's markets www.apairandasparediy.comHong Kong's markets www.apairandasparediy.comHong Kong's markets www.apairandasparediy.comHong Kong's markets www.apairandasparediy.comHong Kong's markets www.apairandasparediy.comHong Kong's markets www.apairandasparediy.comSilk top Hong Kong's markets www.apairandasparediy.com Hong Kong's markets www.apairandasparediy.comThe wardrobe essential

Wearing: Grana silk tanks in Light Blue, Black and Off White (in X-small in case you’re working out what to buy).

Photos by Nicola Lemmon

This post is in collaboration with Grana


Ok so although I’m not rushing into double layered tight wearing weather, this first flush of freshness in the morning is pretty enjoyable here in Hong Kong. And can we talk about the less than 99% humidity? One of the first pieces I decided to add to my wardrobe this season (most of my staples were already in my closet) was this white boyfriend blazer. At first I was a little worried about the Night at the Roxbury effect when it comes to a piece like this, but then realised that maybe that’s just the look I’m going for! Ha. What I like about this piece is that much like my staples it can be worn in both Fall and Spring depending on what you wear it with. The trick now will be how to keep it white for long enough to get some enjoyment out of it… Brb I’m heading to the supermarket to stock up on oxy action washing powder.

Simple boyfriend blazer and cut offs www.apairandasparediy.comSimple boyfriend blazer and cut offs www.apairandasparediy.com

Wearing: Witchery Blazer (like this), DIY denim cut offs, Witchery silk top (like this), Daniel Wellington watch, Forever 21 sneakers, Whistles backpack.

Get your hands on a boyfriend blazer from ASOSEndless Rose, Mango, hereTopshop (black), Topshop (white), Elizabeth and James (if you’re feeling flush) or Soft Joie.

Ps do you like how we’re sans-dresscode in the studio? If there is one it’s comfort, aka laziness.

Photos by Alanna Emmerton


A change of season is obviously the perfect time for a closet refresh, regardless of whether you’re in the southern or the northern hemisphere. But it’s for this reason that often the Spring/Fall seasons have us all  ‘ I NEED ALL THE THINGS NOW, RIGHT NOW!’, leading to a closet full of trend driven items that don’t a long term, minimalist closet make. Instead of doing that, why not dip your toe in carefully by adding a few key and staple pieces to your closet that you’ll wear season after season, which can be mixed with heavier – or lighter – pieces depending on where you hail from? Sign me up!

Read on for a few of my trans-seasonal staples.

Wardrobe Updates for the change in season


Make yourself a ladder wardrobe using my tutorial here.

The khaki parka

Maybe you’re sick of my obsession with khaki jackets, or maybe you have one and understand their inherent value for the between seasons… Either way this piece is a great place to start when it comes to building a wardrobe that works. Think the colour is limiting? From experience it’s not, khaki for me is a hue that acts as a staple, able to be work with simple basics like a striped shirt as well as bright colours and prints.

The one above is from J Crew (like this), I also like this one, this one, this one and this one.

The Denim Shirt

A denim shirt is the perfect bridge into either Summer or Winter, because it’s just as perfect worn with cut of white shorts as it is with thick woollen tights and a leather skirt.

The one above is from Madewell, but also this one, this one, this one and this one would be great. Also pop into your local thrift store because the denim shirt is often easy to find in there.

The Oversized Knit

A knit will keep you cosy whether you wear it with a pair of denim shorts or a pair of jeans – and is perfect for those days when you don’t know how the weather will turn, will it be hot or cold today? Or four seasons in one day?

Mine is from Witchery, but I also like this one, this one, this one and this one.

Autumn wardrobe updates www.apairandasparediy.com

The Trashed Jeans

Ripped denim is something that will no doubt serve you best in the between seasons, whether it be a skinny or boyfriend style you’ll be able to integrate them into every outfit under the sun – although to the fair ripped jeans aren’t feasible for either seasonal extremes (too hot in summer and giant holes in winter) which is why they’re best for the between times.

You can DIY yours here, or grab a pair here, here, here or here.

The Fedora Hat

As someone who rarely (ok never) plans their outfits in advance, I’m happy to report that the humble fedora is the perfect accessory for making you appear really put together.  Pair that with the fact that they work with a tee and shorts as perfectly as they go with an outfit of tartan coat and black skinny jeans, and you’ve got a between seasons (in fact year round) staple!

I love my oversized Lack of Color one, and also this one, this one, this one and this one would be perfect.

The Backpack

Ok so the backpack isn’t quite a seasonal item but trust me, your back  and neck will thank you regardless of whether you’re shivering or sweating. Just get one. (This announcement was brought to you by your mother).

Mine is from Whistles and I also like this one, this one and this one.

The Perfect Pair of Flat Boots

It wasn’t until last year that I got my hands on a simple pair of super flat black ankle boots, and went about wearing them every single day (like, literally) , so much so I had those pangs of annoyance that I hadn’t bought two pairs when I stumbled upon them. Ahhh well aint that life? I found that the chelsea style with the elastic on the sides is the best for day-long comfort, worn with denim cut off shorts in spring and jeans or tights in fall.

Mine were from Witchery (now long gone), but I found these, these, these (if you’re feeling flush) and these which are all great. Now to decide which ones to get once the leaky soles in mine get too bad….


Autumn wardrobe updates www.apairandasparediy.comAutumn wardrobe updates www.apairandasparediy.com