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I’m SUCH a sucker for a natural leather clutch, jussst the right size for all the important things. As part of the launch my second collection of DIY kits in collaboration with Wander and Hunt,  I recently made a video with my friend Luke showing you how to craft a leather clutch. As I mention in the video, working with leather has always scared me a little bit, but the minimalist construction of this clutch will have you feeling like a pro in no time! This is a design I created from scratch using the most gorgeous blush coloured thick leather, and I’m excited to share it with you by way of Wander and Hunt. Oh, and did I mention international shipping is completely free for the holidays? Yay!

DIY Leather Clutch (2)DIY Leather Clutch (1)DIY Leather clutch

As you can see I’ve been having fun experimenting with video, such a fun medium! Although I can’t help feeling like each one is a study in my rising inflection studded Aussie accent…

You need:

Or buy the kit here (yay for free shipping!).

How to:

1. Cut out the leather into the envelope shape as shown above. Mine was roughly 34cm x 27cm.

2. Add the holes using the hole puncher.

3. Fold the clutch together, with the two sides flaps first and then the bottom flap over the top.

4. Secure it with the studs.

5. Add the final stud as the button that closes the clutch.

6. Press down the top hole onto the button stud to secure. Voila!

DIY Leather clutch (2)

Video shooting and editing: Luke Casey (find him on insta here!)


When I was growing up my dream job was to be Catroina Roundtree from Getaway (a super cheesy Australian travel show), being paid to travel the globe, reporting from the pool on the quality of the view and the cocktails, which, in my fantasy, were always standout (bikinis, cosmos and sunsets – clearly the holy trinity of travel shows). Although I never quite landed Cat’s hosting gig, I do feel lucky to get to travel quite a bit for work, go to places I’ve never been and see things I would never see otherwise.

One thing I’ve come to realise is that travel shows usually depict the act of travelling as perfect for every moment, when in reality it’s more of a ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ type of situation (something we all understandably prefer to gloss over on instagram – what Bali Belly?). I guess that’s why I’ve always loved hotels so much, your own little sanctuary in the middle of a busy city where you can relax and unwind. However, as most of you probably know, often times hotels have their own faults, things that could be done better to make your trip juuuuust right. I have to admit to being one of those annoying people that always fill out hotel feedback forms in major detail and write long reviews on Trip Advisor when I leave, bed softness, blind darkness etc etc etc. Clearly in my own small way I’m a hotel critic after all (haha). For that reason I’m pretty excited to be working with Marriott Hotels for the next couple of months on their Travel Brilliantly campaign, collaborating to gather ideas informing future upgrades to their hotels. We recently got together to bring you some of my ideas for how they could help me to travel brilliantly, you can view the video on the Travel Brilliantly page, or click on the image below.

a pair and a spare x marriott hotels

As part of the campaign, Marriott Hotels and I are hosting a competition asking you to put forward ideas about how they could help you Travel Brilliantly - be it fluffy pillows, almond milk in the fridge or one of those Cher from Clueless style dressing systems that matches your short suits for you (imagine that!!). By submitting your ideas online, you’ll be in the running to win some super fun Marriott travel prizes (because in the end, what’s better than travel?). Simply enter your ideas by mid November to be in the draw – the more imaginative and out there the better!

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 2.14.20 PM

Video development and styling: me
Shooting and editing: Luke Casey
Photography Assistant: Monika Kolon


Over the last couple of years it’s become clear to me that it’s often hard to get your hands on the craft materials required to create the projects I share here. For that reason, I’m super excited to announce the launch of a new online craft supplies store – Wander and Hunt! We’ve been working hard together to make sure that you can get your hands on the most hard to find supplies, and to celebrate the launch I’ve created six super fun DIY kits that you can buy and make at home!

I’m thrilled because one of those kits is the DIY Transparent Satchel – my ALL TIME favourite project (worn here, here, here, here, here and just about everywhere else) and one that’s become a staple in my wardrobe. Because it’s transparent it goes with just about everything – for the first time ever I only needed one bag at Fashion Week recently in Sydney (first world problem? yes. but a happy moment none the less).

DIY Transparent Satchel DIY Transparent Satchel A Pair and A Spare

If you have a spare two minutes, feel free to watch the video and see how the bag is made and hear more about how it came about ( you can listen to me speak which is always slightly awkward – that’s so not my voice! – and yes my rising inflection makes everything I say sound like a question – thanks Australia for that one).

For those of you interested in purchasing the kit - you’ll be super happy to know that we’ve pre-cut and hole punched the PVC, so it’s really just a simple game of folding and studding for you! Virtually 100% foolproof!

DIY Transparent Satchel 2 DIY Transparent Satchel Process 5 DIY Transparent Satchel DIY Transparent Satchel 2 DIY Transparent Satchel 3

DIY Kit Supplies:

  • Pre-cut/punched PVC template
  • 20 gold cone studs
  • Leather adjustable bag strap with luxe gold hardware
  • Screwdriver

As I mentioned the kit comes pre-cut and hole punched, so all you have to do is fold and stud – see below for the steps.

How to:

1.Find the middle tab (the short one) and fold up.

2. Then fold the sides up and across the short tab making sure to carefully align the holes.

3. Fold the front flap over the top of the other two sides to ensure that the exposed edges of PVC are pointing towards the back of the bag.

4. Push the screw through from the inside of the bag and secure with the cone stud fastening on top, ensuring you fasten all three layers of PVC together.

5. Do both sides as well as the top of the bag, screwing in the studs to secure.

6. Add the loop for attaching the strap by folding in half, pushing a screw through and then screwing onto the bag by pushing between the two layers at the top edge.

7. Attach the handle on both sides by clipping the clasps through the loops.

8. Add studs to the front flap of the bag.

9. Finally, carefully tighten all screws with the screwdriver, particularly the screw attaching the loops to the bag. This is very important so your bag can be used daily use and keep its shape.

Head here if you want to see the tutorial in more detail.

Thank you to Luke and the Wander & Hunt team for creating such a gorgeous video of the bag process with me. Luke travels the world and takes gorgeous photographs – make sure you check him out on Instagram!

Update: For those of you who are interested, the PVC template measures 35cm wide by 47cm long, with a 26cm flap!