You’ll probably remember that a while ago we moved into our new studio, and in that time so much has happened that I can’t believe it’s only been a bit more than 6 months! The days when I used to work (with my boyfriend) in our tiny spare room seem like a millennium ago, now that we’ve got space to stretch out and (for me) experiment with crafts and projects. Paying rent every month is the obvious downside to this scenario, but because we’ve been able to share the space it’s worked out well for us (for now anyway).

Being an interior designer ( I’m so proud of all the projects he’s done since we’ve been in HK!), it was pretty straight forward for Ben to put together the designs before we first moved in – working with a few surly contractors to turn it from a warehouse into something you would want to work in. Although we wanted to keep it as raw as possible with the original, imperfect walls and the bare cement floors, in true Hong Kong fashion the contractors took it upon themselves to perfect the walls with plaster and paint. You can’t always get what you want (but you get what you need :)).

The studio is divided into two rooms, which works perfectly for us, as Ben and his team sit on one side, and we sit on the other side  – free to be as messy and chatty as we like! I’ve really enjoyed the hands on nature of creating shelves, tables and all the bits and pieces that went into the space – plenty more to come believe me.

Geneva Vanderzeil a pair & a spare studio

Check out the studio in more depth in the video below! And see just how much of a disaster the construction site was…

a pair and a spare studio www.apairandasparediy.comGeneva Vanderzeil a pair & a spare studio www.apairandasparediy.comGeneva Vanderzeil a pair & a spare studio

The nook is my favourite place in the studio!

Geneva Vanderzeil a pair & a spare studio

We made the desks out of bricks and plywood, we’re all about saving the $$$. :)

Geneva Vanderzeil a pair & a spare studio

Ben came up with the idea of a floating shelf above the main desks which we’ve stacked with plants and vines – in  chaotic and built up city like Hong Kong, this green feature really made all the difference to the space.

Geneva Vanderzeil a pair & a spare studio

Over on the other side of the office, we decided to make the space a little more girly, and naturally we needed a big table to do our projects on. We’ve got a series of background we use to get different effects, so it’s made the space quite versatile.

a pair and a spare studio www.apairandasparediy.coma pair and a spare studio

Naturally we’ve got a few quotes from lovely Jasmine Dowling to remind us of what’s important.

a pair and a spare studio www.apairandasparediy.coma pair and a spare studio www.apairandasparediy.comGeneva Vanderzeil a pair & a spare studio

You can find all the DIYs shown in the office below:

DIY Hanging Rope Shelves

DIY Rolling Note Board

DIY Round Hanging Shelves

DIY Net Inspiration Board

DIY Easy Throw Cushions

DIY Hanging Basket Mirror

DIY Hanging Baskets

 Studio Design: Charlie & Rose

Furniture Design: Charlie & Rose

Colourful rug via Mister Zimi, Black and White Rug via Kahoko

Video credits: Luke Casey & Kai Von Carnap


One of the best things about travelling is collecting small memories and mementos from your trip. In my mind there’s nothing better than having things around the house that remind me of the places I’ve been and the things I’ve done – those little memories certainly make a longggg, rainy, ‘I wish I was anywhere but here‘ Monday just that more bearable. But the more places you travel, the more likely you are to have mountains of mementos all stuffed together gathering dust in a drawer, I know I do!

Recently, Loctite and I got together for the Loctite Repair Network to create an essential for any wanderluster – a set of memento boxes that will keep your travel collections safe and organised. They’re also the perfect place to store maps, ticket stubs and other any things you need to jog your memory for when you go back. Because who doesn’t hate not remembering the street that favourite, hidden restaurant was on?

The best part? Once you start making them and stacking them on your bookshelf, it’s all the more reason to wander the globe to fill them up!

Make travel memento boxes a pair and a spare

All you need to do this project is a few small boxes (I used recycled DVD boxes), a few maps and the right glue, and you’re good to go! You can watch the video below:

Travel memento boxes Travel memento boxes www.apairandasparediy.comMake some travel memento boxes

Video shooting and editing: Luke Casey
Creative direction & concept : Geneva Vanderzeil

Oh and for those who haven’t noticed, I’ve recently created a travel gallery, so you can easily access all my guides – I can’t wait to create more destinations!


I’m SUCH a sucker for a natural leather clutch, jussst the right size for all the important things. I recently made a video with my friend Luke showing you how to craft a leather clutch. As I mention in the video, working with leather has always scared me a little bit, but the minimalist construction of this clutch will have you feeling like a pro in no time! This is a design I created from scratch using the most gorgeous blush coloured thick leather, and I’m excited to share it with you by way of Wander and Hunt. Oh, and did I mention international shipping is completely free for the holidays? Yay!

DIY Leather Clutch (2)DIY Leather Clutch (1)DIY Leather clutch

As you can see I’ve been having fun experimenting with video, such a fun medium! Although I can’t help feeling like each one is a study in my rising inflection studded Aussie accent…

You need:

Or buy the kit here (yay for free shipping!).

How to:

1. Cut out the leather into the envelope shape as shown above. Mine was roughly 34cm x 27cm.

2. Add the holes using the hole puncher.

3. Fold the clutch together, with the two sides flaps first and then the bottom flap over the top.

4. Secure it with the studs.

5. Add the final stud as the button that closes the clutch.

6. Press down the top hole onto the button stud to secure. Voila!

DIY Leather clutch (2)

Video shooting and editing: Luke Casey (find him on insta here!)