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Often memories of places I’ve been are dominated by colours – pinks when I think of my last trip to Sri Lanka (the half open water lily flowers and sari fabric shops) and oranges when Chiang Mai comes to mind (the temple marigolds and gorgeous sunsets). However, I have to say that my recent trip to Sardinia – wisely tacked onto the back of our Glastonbury adventures – was more diffused with colour than anywhere I’ve ever been. The colour blue to be precise.With photo editing apps being what they are these days it’s sometimes hard to know whether the place you’re going will look the same as the pictures you’ve seen, but for once the scenery didn’t underwhelm even for one second. The blues in Sardinia are like nowhere else, at least nowhere else I’ve ever been. The photos you see, and take, can’t even do justice to the vivid sea and crystal clearness.

Speaking of the colour blue, while I was away I was so sad to miss what looked like the most fun event of the year (see some pics here) with Club Monaco, a pop-up cinema at Sheko Beach to celebrate the new beach and Coqui Coqui collections – designs largely dominated by gorgeous blues and white patterns. Not wanting to miss out on the fun, I took a few pieces on my trip and enjoyed every minute of photographing them amongst the gorgeous surrounds of Sardinia.  I took a whopping 1200 pics in only a few days (how could I not?), and thought that while I ummm and ahhh over which ones make the travel guide cut, I would share with you some of those shades of blue – from azure all the way to ultramarine (ahem: cobalt, cyan, powder, royal, sapphire, sky, teal, turquoise… got any others?!).

Sardinia BluesSardinia BluesSardinia BluesSardinia BluesSardinian Blues www.apairandasparediy.comSardinia BluesSardinia BluesSardinia BluesSardinian Blues www.apairandasparediy.comSardinia BluesSardinia BluesSardinia BluesSardinia BluesSardinia Blues

Wearing: clothing from the Club Monaco Beach & Coqui Coqui Collection

And yes, in case you’re wondering, I currently have a severe case of Sardinian blues, believe me – real life and work pales in comparison!

As one of Club Monaco’s Global Travellers, I’ve chosen some of my all time favourite travel photos which are currently being showcased in their flagship store as part of their Pop Up Travel Gallery, so if you’re in Hong Kong make sure to stop by and check them out before July 16th at Club Monaco G/f New World Tower, 16 – 18 Queens Road Central. Cheers to more inspiring travels!

Stay tuned for my Sardinia Travel Guide coming soon (including how to get to untouched beaches by boat!).


I’m very excited to be jumping on a plane tonight and heading to my favourite weekend of the year – Glastonbury Festival. The lead up to the festivities requires an almost zen-like ability to avoid the weather forecast – a trait I clearly don’t possess as the last few weeks have seen me frantically clicking between every weather source hoping to get a favourable report, with varying levels of exhilaration and depression depending on the (always completely vague) predictions. Two weeks ago it was all good – sunshine and byo sunscreen was the name of the game, but in true British weather style that’s quickly turned to heavy rain and mountains of mud predicted. Oh well! Nothing’s going to stop me enjoying what has turned into an annual pilgrimage, although sunshine would be nice – if only to keep the water table from threatening our tent. In an ode to the weather gods, I decided to put together the ultimate ‘if it stops raining for half an hour’ Glastonbury festival outfit – complete with DIY kimono and distressed shorts. Consider this my anti rain dance! Although after attending four previous glastos I’m can’t help but be aware that in all likelihood it will be my wellies and not my DIY fringed kimono, shorts, and sunhat which get a workout this weekend, but a girl can dream right?

Festival outfit www.apairandasparediy.comFestival outfit www.apairandasparediy.comFestival outfit www.apairandasparediy.com

Outfit: DIY Kimono  (coming to Wander & Hunt soon!), One Teaspoon shorts, Brixton hat, Rachael Pally crop top, Witchery boots, Made bag.

Stayed tuned to instagram for outfit, music and weather updates over the course of the weekend.


If you haven’t heard of my friends Kahoko yet you’re in for a treat. With a launch collection that includes space perfecting rugs (with the best foot-feel around – if there’s such a thing), hug-worthy cardigans and thyme scented soaps wrapped in wool for the ultimate exfoliation, the best part about these guys is that everything is hand made by local women in Kenya using 100% organic supplies – so not only if everything to die for – it’s also to live for too.  We’ve recently acquired a beautiful Kahoko rug in the studio (you can see the edge of it here) and I loved it so much we decided to give one away to one lucky reader. Read on to see how to enter.

Win this gorgeous rug. www.apairandasparediy.com

My friend Luke recently visited Kenya and got to know the families who make the rugs and cardigans – it looked like a once in a lifetime trip. He made some utterly gorgeous videos of the people and processes used in the craft, you can see the first once below and the second (showing the making of the rug itself) here. Must. Start. Looming.

Win this gorgeous rug. www.apairandasparediy.comWin this gorgeous rug. www.apairandasparediy.com


To enter:

  • Pop over to the Kahoko website and check out their gorgeous wares.
  • Like Kahoko Handmade on Facebook
  • Leave a comment below (make sure you leave your email in the box) letting us know what your fave item from their store is.

Giveaway open until end of day 30th June. Open to all worldwide.

Winner of this giveaway is Sylvie!

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