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DIY Hanging Bag Rack

DIY Projects Mar 13, 2017

I have to say, my addiction to straw bags doesn’t seem to be waning, in fact it appears to be getting stronger and stronger! I realised that if I didn’t create some storage for them I would soon be drowning in them a la Grey Gardens, and Ben would have to call emergency services to help dig me out..

Luckily I realised that the DIY Entryway Organizer I created a few months ago could be adapted to work as a fantastic hanging bag rack. What a win! As you’ll remember from the original tutorial, it was a very simple project to create using a wooden dowel, a few strips of leather and some S hooks. All I did to modify it was remove the mirror and add a few extra hooks, and bam it’s ready to house your favourite bags, straw or otherwise!

Read the tutorial here

On the subject of straw bags, is anyone else as into them as I am? I seem to need to buy a new one at every destination I stop, meaning I always come home with a couple, and even though they are all similar I think each one is equally important – completely going against the tenants of my Wardrobe Rehab project but I think you’re allowed to have one completely unrealistic addiction in your wardrobe, right?

The organizer design lends itself to being a bag rack really well because the leather straps allow the hooks to sit away from your wall, a great feature that ensures your bags don’t get crushed.

Looking for more fun storage solutions? Check out a few of my faves: this shoe shelf, this ladder wardrobe, this hat rack. Enjoy!

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