I’m really excited to share with you an episode of the DIY mini series that I’ve made with Starworld! If you live in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam or the Philippines and tune in to your TV regularly, you’ve probably already seen it when it played in December. For the rest of you, I give you one of the easiest zip projects ever. And yes, it goes against all the conventions of how you would actually insert a zip (sorry to all you purists!) but that’s what makes it quick, easy and so so doable.

DIY Zip Skirt

Watch the video here:

Thanks to the amazing Starworld team for coming into my studio and making it the most fun experience… ever!

You need

  • A skirt in a fabric that won’t fray when cut like jersey or stretch (mine was from H&M)
  • A zip
  • Scissors
  • A sewing machine
  • Thread
  • Pin

How to

1. Start by pinning your zip to the skirt.

DIY Quick Zip Skirt

2. Sew it down all the way around the skirt, making sure to fold the ends under so they are nice and tidy.

DIY Quick Zip Skirt

3. Once you’ve properly attached the zip to the skirt, use your scissors to cut the split in the fabric of the skirt.

DIY Quick Zip Skirt


DIY Quick Zip Skirt

Stay tuned another episode coming soon – we’ll be talkin’ tassels. 🙂

DIY Zip Skirt

Wearing: DIY Skirt, Grana Tank, Boda Skins jacket, Mode Collective heels.

Ps. This year I’ll be focusing very much on video – it’s the perfect medium for all the projects I do and I’m looking forward to being challenged to do something really different. Lotttttttsssss of ideas in my head right now. Anything you want to see?