There’s nothing like flowers to get you through a long day, right? We love the simplicity of the hanging test tube vases that have been super popular over in the store, but recently decided to step it up a notch with this floral chandelier, perfect for adding a touch of pretty, and actually so simple to make! Oh and, if you’re trying to decide what flowers to use, perhaps you could match the rug to your flowers? 🙂

DIY Test Tube Vase Floral Chandlier

You need:

  • 6 x hanging test tube vases
  •  3 meters (3.3 yards) of leather cord
  • metal circle frame

You can buy the kit for this project here.

DIY Hanging Vase Chandelier

How to:

1. Cut 2 pieces of string approximately 50 cm (20 in) long. Tie your string onto your metal frame on each side, so a to create a cross style  hanger.

DIY Hanging Vase Chandelier

2. Cut a piece of string approximately 20cm (8 inches) long, tie one end onto the test tube vase.

DIY Hanging Vase Chandelier

3. Tie the other end onto the metal frame. Do this for all 6 vases, ensuring they are balanced around the frame.

DIY Hanging Vase Chandelier

4. Trim your flowers using the test tube vase as a measuring tool. Leave your stem slightly longer.

DIY Hanging Vase Chandelier

5. Repeat this for all 6 vases

DIY Hanging Vase Chandelier

7. Place your flowers into the test-tube vases.

DIY Hanging Vase Chandelier

8. Trim any loose ends

DIY Hanging Vase Chandelier

9 Tada! Now that it is ready to hang, you can add water into the test tube vases.

DIY Hanging Vase ChandelierDIY Hanging Vase Chandelier

Photos by Nicola Lemmon

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Grab your kit for this project here.