If you’ve been following for a while you’ll be all over the fact that my current approach to decoration is, technically speaking, ‘put a plant on it’. I’ve applied the concept at the studio, and at home (to a lesser degree) and I can honestly say that it works. Who doesn’t want to live in a jungle (or a desert – depending on what type of plants you’re into)? We recently got crafty with some leather we had in the studio and created this planter with our friends over at Free People. If you plan ahead a little this planter could be the perfect gift for your bestie or plant addicted hipster boyfriend. Naturally you’ll be wanting to use a substitute for leather if said boyfriend is a vegan. 🙂

How to make a leather hanging planter www.apairandasparediy.comHow to make a leather planter

You need:

  • A piece of leather or vegan leather
  • A metal Ring
  • 2 x long screws and bolts
  • Scissors
  • Multi hole punch
  • Ruler
  • Pen
  • Plant Pot

Leather Planter 2

How to: 

1. On the back of your leather, mark out 4 pieces of 1.5cm wide x 65cm long pieces of leather strips and then cut into strips.

Leather Planter 5

2. Take your hole punch and punch a hole over the points you have marked.

Leather Planter 6

3. With the back side of the leather facing up, lay the pieces out in a cross so that the holes match up and add the screw underneath.

Leather Planter 8

4. Cut a piece of leather 1.5cm wide x 8cm long and then mark 1cm from the edge on both ends.

Leather Planter 10

5. Hole punch over the 2 marked positions and then take your piece of leather and fit it though the metal hoop

Leather Planter 12

6. Create the same cross section on the other end of the strips of leather and insert the screw through the holes.

Leather Planter 16

7. This is what the top section should look like.

Leather Planter 17

8. Hold the top section in one hand and lay out the base of the planter like so.

Leather Planter 18\

Place your plant pot into place. And you’re done.

How to make a leather planter