A few of you have already commented on the pineapple vases we had at the opening of our studio workshops, so I thought it would be fun to show you how we made them. We were running around like crazy ten minutes before and I had kind of written off the idea of making them because we had so many other things to do but Alanna wasn’t going to let it go that easy – and I’m so glad we did, it took only a few minutes and ended up being the centre piece of the space! This is a pretty simple project but I thought I’d share the steps anyway.

Make a pineapple vase!

You need:

  • A pineapple
  • Flowers  – we went with a palette of burgundy, lilac and burnt orange to match the rug in our office.
  • A bit of leaf foliage to break up the flowers
  • A sharp knife
  • A chopping board
  • A spoon
  • hungry people to feed the pineapple to

Pineapple vase DIY

How to:

1. Start by cutting the top off the pineapple, but make sure not to do it too far down as you won’t have much vase in that case.

Make a quick pineapple vase

2. It should look like this.

Make a quick pineapple vase

3. With a knife, carefully cut around the inside of the pineapple, leaving about 2.5cm (1 in) of outer skin left. Then cut the inside section of pineapple into 4 quadrants to make it easier to take out.

Make a quick pineapple vase

4.  Scoop out the pineapple. We found it worked to use the knife to soften up the inside of the pineapple so it would act a little like florist’s oasis when you put the flowers in.

Make a quick pineapple vase

5. Then arrange your flowers! We just pretty much cut them all to the same length and pushed them into the pineapple base of the vase, the messier the better really!

Make a quick pineapple vase

6. Once the flowers were in we added water so that they would last for a few days.

Craft parties


Make a quick pineapple vase