Whenever I feel the urge to make something but don’t have time to deal with the more fiddly elements of sewing, I reach for the neoprene. It’s such a versatile fabric, and I’m sure I’ve mentioned before how much I love it because you never have to sew hems (winning!). A little while ago I crafted up this skirt in a matter of minutes – with virtually no sewing, it’s a lazy girls dream DIY come true.

Make a neoprene circle skirt - with no sewing required!

Wearing: DIY skirt, H&M knit, Mode Collective heels, Perfume bottle clutch (with lace lining inserted).

Make a neoprene skater skirt

Thi project combines two of my fave skirt DIYs from the past – the circle and the scuba skirt. For this you only have to create one piece (that’s right!).

You need:

  • 2m (2.4 yards) of Neoprene
  • Scissors
  • a measuring tape

Make a neoprene skater skirt

How to:

1. Start by cutting your skirt piece. To do this you’ll copy the process I used to cut the skirt in this project. I’ve included the pattern from that skirt below for you reference. Basically you want to fold your neoprene in half and then fold it again, and then cut out a circle from the folded point which is the same size as your hips (or waist if that’s where you want to wear it).


Skater skirt template

2. The best thing about neoprene is that it holds a bit of stretch – cut the circle for your waist a little smaller to allow for this.

Make a neoprene skater skirt

3. You then war to cut the skirt hem in a circle shape. Make sure you cut the skirt extra long, particularly if you think you’ll be wearing your skirt on your hips – when you put it on it’s always short than you think it will be (trust me!).

Make a neoprene skater skirt

Because the neoprene stretches you can avoid having to do a zip or anything else time consuming like that, I don’t think it gets any better than that does it?


Make a neoprene skater skirt www.apairandasparediy.comMake a neoprene skater skirt

Outfit photos by Marion Tessier