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DIY Jeweled White Shirt

DIY Apr 15, 2014

Having made the (somewhat enormous) leap from working at home to working in an office, my wardrobe has been forced to undergo a change. Although ours is a pretty relaxed office with a focus on creativity rather than sharp collars and pointless meetings (I used to be a town planner!), it still doesn’t mean dressing in head to toe grey sweats (koala-ing as my bf likes to call it) is going to cut it. For the first time in two years I’ve had to start contemplating things according to whether they can be worn to work. So strange! And for me, that’s where the white shirt comes in. If you’ve been following along for a while you’ll know that I’m all about versatility (read wardrobe rehab if you’re interested) when it comes to what I buy, and the white shirt is (with zero doubt) the most versatile piece you could ever buy – so perfect for work and play and everything in between.

For that reason, it’s an honour to be working with Witchery on their White Shirt campaign in aid of finding an early detection test for Ovarian Cancer. Not only is it an important cause, but the white shirt is something you’ll wear and wear and wear.ย The best bit? If you buy a white shirt form Witchery this month 100% of gross proceeds from the sale go directly to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund to support research into finding an early detection test and curing Ovarian cancer. It’s the most guilt free purchase you’ll ever make.

Never one to shy away from reworking a classic, I recently used a bit of DIY to update my white shirt, applying jeweled clusters using a method that doesn’t take too long and can easily be worn and then removed for the ultimate in versatile style.

Outfit details here.

You need:
A white shirt
Various jewels and beads
A white piece of felt
A needle and thread
A skewer

How to:
1. Start by putting a dab of glue onto a piece of paper.

2. Using your skewer to apply the glue, start building your designs on the felt. I mixed pearls and rhinestones.

3. Create as many little designs as you think you will need, leaving a gap between each one.

4. Let the jeweled designs dry overnight.

5. Once they are completely dry, use your scissors to cut the designs out of the felt, making sure to cut as close to the designs as possible so no felt shows.

6. Lay the designs out on the shirt and then, using your needle and thread, apply a stitch from the underside to the back of the felt to attach the jewel to your shirt. Make sure you apply the stitch at the top so it doesnโ€™t fall forward.

Images by lovely Marion Tessier


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