Just in time for the madness that is Coachella weekend, to me these gem embellished brass cuffs reflect the very best things about the start of summer – sun, music and all my best friends (those who make together stay together right?). Even if for you this weekend is more couch surfing than crowd surfing (I’m going to raise my hand on that one), these cuffs will give you all the palm-tree-and-denim-cut-off inspired sparkle you need.  Trust me.

I have to say I myself am in need of some cheering up – my own holiday has come to an abrupt end and after one of those awful overnight flights I’m back in the office. Instead of feeling down I did what I love to do most – make something.  Namely 20 or so different designs for these cuff kit sets (pastel gem version & marble gem version) I’ve designed for Wander & Hunt. Admittedly I nodded off a few times, hey, three hours of sleep will do that to you, but it certainly helped me pass the day. For those of you who are interested, you get a small and a big brass cuff in each kit, and can mix and match the stones to your heart’s content!

Gem Cuff DIY Kit

You need:

  • A brass cuff (you get a small and large cuff in each kit)
  • Rhinestones
  • Glue
  • A skewer for application

You can buy the kits over at Wander & Hunt and can choose from Pastel Gems or Marble Gems.

Gem Embellished Cuffs

How to

1. Dab a bit of glue on a piece of paper.

Gem Embellished Cuffs

2. Using the skewer, apply some glue to back of the stone.

Gem Embellished Cuffs

3. After cleaning the cuff surface well, start placing your gems around the cuff in your chosen design – get crazy!

Gem Embellished Cuffs

4. Work your way all the way around, creating the design you feel reflects you – pared back or more is more – the choice is completely yours. Once you’re done leave to dry overnight.

Gem Embellished Cuffs

Gem Embellished Cuffs

The possibilities are pretty much endless, wouldn’t you agree?

DIY Embellished Gem Cuff kits www.apairandasparediy.comGem Embellished CuffsDIY Embellished Gem Cuff kits www.apairandasparediy.comDIY Gem Embellished Cuff Kit

Now for the big question, are you a marble gem person or a pastel gem person?

I hope you guys have a lovely weekend, regardless of whether it’s Coachella or couch-ella.