I’m ecstatic to let you in on something that’s been on the boil for a while now – the new a pair & a spare studio!  My boyfriend and I have been searching high and low here in Hong Kong for a space that could house staff, office and creative spaces for us to let loose. Now let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. We saw a whoooolllleee lotta crap – overpriced crap btw – what else would it be in the most expensive city in the world? We finally stumbled upon a space in our favourite part of town, with lots of natural light and the cutest bay window. Did we care that it’s what an overly positive real estate agent would call a ‘fixer upper?’. Hell no! That only made it more special.

We’ve been busy putting the pedal to the metal (as is the only way in Hong Kong), setting up the office and workshop space in preparation to move in! I’m pretty lucky to have amazing Ben to help design it just the way we want it – so excited to be sharing this space together. I wanted to share some ‘before’ shots with you, I can’t wait to share what it looks like after, and all the fun things we’ll be doing here  – videos, photoshoots, installations and all new DIY workshops (!!!). I’m seriously so excited I think I might wet my pants. TMI I know!

You can stay up to date with the studio renovations here.

Before: A Pair and A Spare studio Before: A Pair and A Spare studio Before: A Pair and A Spare studio

Photos thanks to Marion