Ever since I blogged over a year ago about dressing in three colours, I have to say that this concept has come to rule my wardrobe. Although there’s still the odd moment when life gets in the way and I go out looking like a rainbow, I do seem to have caught the bug of always wanting to pair colours perfectly, and even worse, feeling ever so slightly uncomfortable when I realise I’m wearing more than 3 shades.  Pedantic? Maybe. But these little issues are just side effects of looking, dare I say it, generally more pulled together than prior to discovering this concept. If only I had known this when I was in my teens! I would have avoided plenty of ‘avert your eyes children’ situations.

On that note, I have to say I’ve become slightly obsessed with the concept of classic colour combos, sets of (often 3 or less) colours that never fail to go together and help you look impeccably well styled (or as close to that as it is possible for someone like me – usually coffee stained or lost scarf – is able to be). My pinterest board on the topic seems to be my most populated and never fails to inspire an outfit or two (I’m thinking red white and denim for tonight… ). Never one to pass up the opportunity to look awkward in front of a camera, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite colour combinations, ones that to me, never fail to please the eye.

First up, this simple palette of black, white and khaki. Nothing too cray cray here kids, just a combination of colours that work 99.999% of the time and is always incredibly simple to throw on. By adding a little bit of sequin to the mix (like these DIY shorts), you can elevate a simple casual jacket like this parka (a must in my closet) to something wholly more out-on-the-town worthy, perfect for that cool girl vibe you’re trying to channel for your work christmas party.

wardrobe rehab: c;assic colour combosWardrobe RehabWardrobe Rehab

Wearing: Bershka Parka (like this one or this one), 2nd Day Skirt via here, Rag & Bone tee via here, Zara Booties (kinda like these or these ), Clutch (like this one).

This little outfit of something sparkly and something casual thrown together also encompasses another Wardrobe Rehab rule I’ve been working on, but I’ll get to that soon…

Images by Luke Casey