You may remember earlier this year I was inspired by the patched jackets and jeans on the streets around fashion week, and knew it would be a super easy DIY to recreate. To celebrate the opening of the first Claudie Pierlot store in Hong Kong, we recently got together to recreate this trend using their french grunge inspired custom kit, complete with loads of fun iron on patches with cute french words and images. I’ve outlined the steps below, but honestly this is the easiest project around so I doubt you need detailed instructions!

patch pocket jeans a pair and a spare

You need:

  • A bunch of fun patches
  • An items to attach them to – something like jeans or a denim jacket works perfectly.
  • An iron

patch pocket jeans a pair and a spare

How to:

1. Place the patches on the pockets of the jeans (or shoulders of the jacket – or really anywhere you want!).

patch pocket jeans a pair and a spare

2. With the iron on a low setting, iron the patches down. To be extra careful you can put a piece of cloth between the two if you are worried about melting the patches. Leave to cool down and you’re ready to go!

patch pocket jeans a pair and a spare

I’m super excited because a bunch of fun people from all over Hong Kong have crafted their own project using the Claudie Pierlot custom kit which are to be silent auctioned off tomorrow night at the Claudie Pierlot store opening, with all proceeds going to the World Vision Famine Program. I’ll be there all night and can’t wait to meet you all!

Claudie Pierlot

Loving all the cute DIY projects! See you tomorrow night for drinks and DIY!

DIY claudie peirlot event