I’ve recently been collecting lots of pretty delicate necklaces, and trying better to look after them than I have in the past (I lose things like crazy!). As you probably know from previous posts I love experimenting with jewelry storage, and always have my eye out for the best ways to do it at home – this simple jewelry line (kinda like a clothes line complete with mini wooden pegs) seemed the quickest and easiest way to store my new delicate gold pieces. My favourite necklaces right now are the G and V charm ones from Bauble Bar – perfect for remembering my name if I ever forget it (cue friday night too many cocktails – maybe I should also get one with my address on it in cantonese to bring out and show taxi drivers?).

DIY Delicate Jewelry Storage (16)

Left to right: G necklace – Bauble Bar, gold disc necklace – Rose Rewelry, heart necklace – Jolie & Dean, V necklace – Bauble Bar, crystal arrow necklace – Bauble Bar, string wishbone necklace – Grey Comma, G disc necklace – Boticca.

DIY Delicate Jewelry Storage (14)

For those who are interested I used washi tape to secure the leather twine to the wall (tying a knot in each end so they don’t slip out) – if you plan on storing heavier pieces this way I suggest you bang in some nails instead and tie the twine on.

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