If you’ve been tuning in over the last few months you may have guessed that I’ve got a bit of an addiction to rope. There’s just something so perfect about the texture, and the fact that you can make so many different things out of it – it takes on such varying forms depending on the technique that you use (see here and here). As I delve into the world of rope craft I’ve stumble upon so many amazing designers who work with rope on a day to day basis – turning an everyday mundane material into anything but. Gemma Patford, a designer I found on instagram (where else?), has mastered the art of creating bowls, vessels and planters out of rope. What I love is that she hand paints the rope before creating the bowls, putting a sweet touch on a traditional craft. Gemma agreed to show us how she crafts these pieces, carefully stitching them together for vessels that stand the test of time – I can sooo see one of these in my house filled to the brim with magazines!

diy rope bowl a pair and a spare 199

You need:

  • A sewing machine with a zig zag stitch
  • Scissors
  • Thread (The same colour as your rope – optional)
  • Rope (approx. 10 meters or 11 yards)

How to:

1. Decorate your rope, Gemma uses acrylic paint. (this step is optional)

diy rope bowl a pair and a spare gemma patford 199

2. Take your decorated rope and coil it into a small circle.

diy rope bowl 202

3. Place your coil into under your needle and slowly start to zig zag stitch the rope together

diy rope bowl a pair and a spare gemma patford 197

4. Stitch the base together until its the desired size. Gemma recommends 14 cm

diy rope bowl 200

5. Lift the base up onto a right angle and continue to sew

diy rope bowl 199

6. Keeping the bowl on this angle, continue to sew

diy rope bowl a pair and a spare gemma patford 192

7. When you come to the end of your rope, loop it off to finish. And you’re done!

diy rope bowl 203

Can’t stop thinking how many variations there are on this style – an ombre dipped version would be epic no? Perhaps Gemma can show us how one of these days!

diy rope bowl a pair and a spare 200 diy rope bowl a pair and a spare 201

Head to Gemma’s website where she sells here pieces and blogs, or check her out on instagram.