You’ll know by now that I love anything transparent (exhibit a), with transparent ankle cuff pumps being up there with the best of the best for me. If you’ve been keeping an eye out you’ll also be aware that more than just an obsession for me, it appears the fashion world has followed suit this season (see here, here and just about everywhere else), doling out transparent pieces like they’re going out of style (which hopefully they won’t). I pondered on the question of transparent ankle cuffs for a while, wondering how I could add them to some pumps without making an irreversible modification. It turned out to be pretty simple using a little bit of super sticky duct tape – not what I would usually do but perfect for a quick update. For those of you who want a more permanent style, you can punch a hole in the back edge of your shoe and attach the suede part of the anklets with another stud, but my Tony Bianco pumps were way too pretty to permanently maim!

diy transparent ankle cuffs 019 (1)

You need:

diy transparent ankle cuffs 019

How to:

1. Place the transparent cuff around your ankle and trim to the right size, making sure to leave some overlap where it will button shut. Then punch two holes into the plastic in line with where the leather attachment piece will sit at the back of your foot.

diy transparent ankle cuffs 020

2. Punch holes in the leather in line with those in the plastic, and then attach by screwing the studs on.

diy transparent ankle cuffs 021

3. Put the ankle cuff around your ankle and measure where the plastic will overlap, marking with a pen. Make two holes in the other end of the plastic where you marked with a pen.

diy transparent ankle cuffs 022

4. And then punch more holes where you have marked the overlap, adding the button studs.

diy transparent ankle cuffs 023

5. Create the other anklet ensuring you mirror the design so they both face outwards when worn.

diy transparent ankle cuffs 024

6. To wear, as I mentioned above you can either punch more holes and use a stud to attach the cuffs to the back of the shoe, or do what I did and add a strip of duct tape to the ends of the suede.

diy transparent ankle cuffs 025

7. And press well onto the inside of the shoe.

diy transparent ankle cuffs 026

And voila! You’re done. In case you’re wondering, I partied all night long in these without the anklets coming free!

diy transparent ankle cuffs 018 (1) diy transparent ankle cuffs 020 (1)

Ps. Ivania made a version of the clear ankle straps a while ago that are super easy too – no longer up at her site but you can see them here!