I have to admit this time of year finds me a little bit seasonally confused. My friends and family in Australia are just getting into the swing of summer (and what a damn fine swing it is), a lot of you in Europe and the US are almost knee deep in snow by now, whilst I perch here uncertainly in the middle, with winter temps in Hong Kong dipping some days and spiking others. So I decided to make these rope heel attachments, perfect on a pair of nude heels and also able to be worn around a pair of ankle boots – an all-climate project that transitions perfectly across the seasons. And such an easy thing to make if you happen to have some Thanksgiving craft time up your sleeve. Hurrah! I recently did this project for Vogue Australia so if you’re keen to read more, why not lean back, crack open a refreshing (or warming) beverage and click here.
DIY knotted rope heels 11
DIY knotted rope heels 1
Materials you need: Heels or boots (these Tony Bianco heels ones worked well), E6000 glue, cotton rope, scissors, thread, 4 large jump rings and 2 lobster clasps.

Read the tutorial here.