With New York fashion week just around the corner (and about a million opportunities to embarrass myself with grubby business cards), it’s clearly time to invest in a card holder. The last thing you want is that awkward situation where you have a card on you, but they’ve been sitting at the bottom of your handbag for a few months and, oh wait, also have melted chocolate on them.   Read on to learn how to make a simple transparent business card holder.
DIY Transparent Business Card Holder

You need:
– A square of clear PVC
– A rounded head stud
– A multi hole punch
– A business card or credit card
– A pen
– E6000 Glue (optional) (or ‘F6000’ if you live in China and accidentally bought the knock off version…)

or buy the DIY kit that I designed for Wander and Hunt here.

DIY Transparent Business Card Holder

Steps after the break!

How to:
1. Lay your card on top of the plastic – aiming to be in the very middle. Mark the corners with a pen.

DIY transparent card holder 1

2. Cut squares out of the sides of the plastic at right angles to the dots you marked.

DIY transparent card holder 2

3. Using the multi hole punch tool, put two holes in the long sides of the plastic.

DIY transparent card holder 3
4. Put the screw into one of the holes and attach the front of the stud.
DIY transparent card holder 4

5. Fold the sides in first and then the bottom and top flaps – as an optional step, dab a little glue on the under flaps and press onto the bottom flap. Place the folded cardholder under some books overnight so it forms a nice flat shape.

You can also use this pattern with leather or felt!

DIY Transparent Business Card Holder
DIY Transparent Business Card Holder