As soon as I saw the feathered heels at the Peter Som show I knew I would have to have a crack at embellishing my own heels with feathers. I also then spied the Sergio Rossi version of the feather heels and knew I would be a fool not to give it a try.
This is such a simple project and is quite similar to the fringed heels I made a while ago. It’s best to use a very simple and classic style of strappy heels for this project – pick yourself up a minimalist pair and embellish them with feathers like this project or use fringe, beads, chains and just about everything else.

You need:ย 
– A simple plair of black heels – these Tony Bianco black strappy ones are perfect
– around 50cm of black feather trim (I used raven but you can use ostrich if you prefer)
-Two medium sized lobster clasps
– a Thumb Tack – 4 medium sized jump rings
beading plyers

diy feather heels 6

Steps after the break!

How to:
1. First, measure around your ankle with the trim and cut it to size so you have two equal lengths of trim to fit each ankle. Then pierce one end with the thumb tack.

diy feather heels 7

2. Thread one of the jump rings through the hole made by the thumb tack.

diy feather heels 8
3. Add one of the lobster clasps to the jump ring.
diy feather heels 9
4. Use the plyers to close the jump ring.
diy feather heels 10

5. Then, on the other end of the trim, piece the trim with the thumbtack and add a single jump ring, and then close with the plyers.

diy feather heels 11
6. Use the lobster clasps and jump rings to secure the fringe around your ankle.
diy feather heels 12

I layered the feather anklets under the straps of my shoes, but you can easily wear them over the top of some strappy heels or booties. I think these would be perfect for a party, and possibly layered over jeans or leather skinnies.

diy feather heels 3
diy feather heels 1