Recently I contributed this project to the TODAY Show’s DIY Style Week – make sure you check out the post here and enter the DIY contest. I made a simple scarf watch which I will definitely be layering with all my other wrist bling. Can you say arm par-tay?

You need:
A watch with a removable strap
A slim silk scarf. I used leopard print but you can use any print you like – floral would look great!

How to:

1. Take the arm straps off your watch. I used a needle to push the pins out and then removed the arms.

2. Take the pins out of the straps.

3. Put the pins back into their sockets of the watch.

4. Thread your scarf through the pins so that it forms the straps of the watch.

5. Pull the scarf through so that the lengths of fabric are even on each side of the watch.

6. Wrap the scarf around your arm for some simple but seriously fun arm candy! You can tie the scarf in a big bow or a small knot to secure.