DIY Lady Garden

Our new little flat in Hong Kong is starting to feel like home. We’ve settled in well and I’m honestly so happy to be here, it’s such a fun and enchanting city. Living in the most densely populated city in the world obviously means we don’t have an Aussie style backyard, but have been busily bringing the outside in using plants and flowers (haven’t graduated to a tamagochi yet but may well get there!). I’m going to be steadily adding to our collection of indoor plants and cacti as the year progresses, maybe adding one every time I feel like I’ve kicked a goal. Tea cups are perfect pot plants too! Do you like the mania mania style rough crystal pendant necklace I bought when I was travelling in Sri Lanka? I’ll post an shot of me wearing it when I get a chance. Below are a few other little purchases from my trip including a porcelain leaf,  an ‘elebank’ and zebra printed note book (which is almost full already!). I could have gone wild with shopping but am trying to keep my life on the minimal side. Seriously sucks sometimes though. (ps the title is a joke)