Greetings from Brisbane guys! I’m down under for a little while working on a few new projects, staying with my parents in Brisbane and also visiting Byron Bay and Sydney while I’m here. It’s a much needed season switch from sweltering Hong Kong! In the meantime I thought I would share with you these somewhat retro inspired frozen fruit sticks that I discovered while exploring an island in Hong Kong. For me these have a touch of nostalgia, bringing to mind Prawn Cocktails and a time when sun tanning was encouraged, and are perfect for your next (perhaps a little ironic, throwback-ish) BBQ. State siders take note, these are ideal for 4th of July celebrations! All you have to do is cut up some fruit and thread it onto a skewer, then freeze them overnight. Done and done! What are your go to summer snacks?

Easy Frozen Fruit SticksEasy Frozen Fruit SticksEasy Frozen Fruit SticksEasy Frozen Fruit Sticks

Photos by Nicola Lemmon

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Clothes are just so much nicer when they’re on display, right? It takes a little more time in the tidying department (something I’m really bad at admittedly), but it’s so worth it. For those of you out there who maybe don’t have the space, or the spare change, to buy yourself a wardrobe, I’ve recently come up with an idea to make it oh so easy for you. Read on the see how to make (ok, more like stack) this home furnishing.

DIY Box Wardrobe

All you need to do this project is bunch of different wooden crates. We drink a lot so just used ones we had at home… I kid! We bought these for about $5 each, so it’s not an expensive project if you can find a nice wine man to sort you out.

Box Wardrobe

All you need to do is stack them up, pretty much however you want to. We decided to go tall rather than wide so it felt more like a wardrobe but it doesn’t really matter what you do. Easy!

Box WardrobeBox Wardrobe

The weight of our boxes kept them nicely together, but if you think yours might fall over I would suggest clipping them together using bull dog clips. We also created a little overhang so you can hang a few items of clothing off.

Box Wardrobe

So functional!

Box WardrobeBox WardrobeBox Wardrobe

Obviously you can use your boxes as shelves instead of a wardrobe but where would be the fun in that?

Box Wardrobe

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Photos by Nicola Lemmon


A couple of months ago I visited Singapore, somewhere I hadn’t been since in a few years, so needless to say there was a lot to see and do. Visiting as a grown up (some what!), I didn’t know what to expect to be honest, people in Hong Kong tend to think of it as our less exciting cousin (sorry guys!), but I found it to be the opposite, fun, green and with a relaxed vibe that makes it perfect for a stopover or weekend getaway.

Singapore Travel Guide

Singapore Botanical Gardens


We stayed at the PARKROYAL on Pickering, and I was genuinely impressed by the green building and the modern yet cosy rooms. I definitely recommend this gorgeous hotel!

See & do

Botanic Gardens – My favourite stop on the Singapore Itinerary, these huge and magical gardens were the perfect place to wander away an afternoon. We had a great lunch at Halia and it was lovely!

Go swimming – In your hotel pool, the humidity will demand it!

Go to the Zoo – we didn’t get there but I went when I visited a few years ago and it’s one of the best Zoos I had been – my friend who lives in Singapore says it is definitely worth the trip.

Raffles Hotel - a gorgeous colonial hotel, which unfortunately feels a little touristy, but still hasn’t lost it’s charm. Naturally we had to visit the iconic Long Bar -I opted for a gin and soda rather than the singapore sling, but either way you’ll be happy.

Haji Lane - A wander down this indie lane is best done late afternoon, andin the street over you’ll find lots of gorgeous Indian fabric stores!

Wander Keong Saik Road – Once a gangster filled red light district, the hipsters have taken over and turned the lovely old buildings into restaurants, hotels and boutiques.

Eat & Drink

Potato Head Folk – We had drinks on the hip rooftop here on Keong Saik Road and it was a great way to top off a long day. They also have two other levels of different bars and restaurants, so there’s lots of variety.

Burnt Ends – The best meal of the trip. Although a bit pricey, the daily changing menu is delicious! Not for vegetarians annnnnd be prepared to wait.

Halia – Absolutely gorgeous spot in the Botanical gardens, a charming little restaurant serving some delicious Asian fusion food.

Common Man – Best brunch of the trip here, and recommended by everyone.

Food Markets – Singapore is well know for indoor food centres, where lots of small eateries serve food around a large food court. A great way to have a quick, cheap and delicious meal. We loved Maxwell Food Centre in China Town.

Take an afternoon trip to East Coast Park and get your Chilli Crab fix at Jumbo Chilli Crab.

Singapore Travel Guide

Keong Saik Road

Singapore Travel Guide

Marble steps at Raffles Hotel.

Singapore Travel Guide

The Long Bar at Raffles Hotel.

Singapore Travel Guide

Shopping for crockery.

Singapore Travel Guide

The Botanic Gardens

Singapore Travel Guide

Love this old building on Keong Saik Road.

Singapore Travel Guide

Maxwell Food Centre

Singapore Travel Guide

China Town

Singapore Travel Guide

Raffles Hotel


Laced up necklines are the detail of the season – bringing to mind nautical adventures and/or African safaris. No matter where you plan on wearing your laced up top in the next few months (perhaps you’ll find yourself an emptied out pool to frolic in?), you’ll be happy to know that if you so choose, it can be recreated at home, in little to no time and with just a touch of elbow grease. Read on to see how!

DIY Grommet TopDIY Grommet Top

You need:

  • Button Up Shirt
  • Cord
  • Grommets
  • Grommet Maker
  • Mallet

DIY Laced Top

How to:

1. Remove the buttons from your shirt.

DIY Laced Top

2. On the side which you removed the buttons from. mark where you will create a matching set of holes parallel to your button holes.

DIY Laced Top

3. Place the top of your grommet through your button hole.

DIY Laced Top

4. Add the bottom half of your grommet on the other side of the shirt.

DIY Laced Top

5. Place the base of the grommet maker through your grommet and shirt.

DIY Laced Top

6. Place the top section of your grommet maker on top of the base, hammer away until your grommets are in place!

DIY Laced Top

7. On the side which does not have button holes, use a dart awl to create holes where you have previously marked.

DIY Laced Top

8. Add grommets to both sides. Take your cord and start to lace up your shirt starting from the bottom, criss crossing as you weave your cord through your grommets towards the top of your shirt.

DIY Laced Top


DIY Grommet Top

Photos by Nicola Lemmon

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