30 Outfit Ideas (with The Simple Sandal)

You’ve probably noticed I’ve been road testing the simple sandal for a while, giving me ample opportunity to play around with outfits. As I mentioned earlier in the week, we wanted a clean minimal design that you could wear everywhere, and would go with pretty much every outfit in your wardrobe. In case you are after some inspiration for how to wear yours, you’ve come to the right place! Here’s a quick rundown of how I’ve been wearing them.m.

Tan, nude, black and leopard simple sandals worn throughout.

50 outfits with The Simple Sandals

Wearing: DIY cut off shorts, Grana white shirt, Panama I bought from a market, Witchery belt and the simple sandals in black.

Guide to Mykonos

Paddo to Palmy Dress, Nude sandals, market hat and bag.

Fabric Shopping in Hong Kong

Melissa Bui top, Iris & Ink cullotes, Tan sandals.

How Panama Hats Are Made

DIY shorts, Grana shirt, Witchery belt, Market panama, Black Sandals.

Beach life

Vamastyle top, DIY Shorts, Witchery bag and hat and Nude sandals.

Madrid Travel Guide

Paddo to Palmy Dress, Tan sandals.

Barcelona Travel Guide

Cecelie Copenhagen Skirt, Cotton On top, Coach Bag, Tan Sandals.

Mykonos Travel Guide (pt 2)

Paddo to Palmy Dress, Nude Sandals, Sportsgirl hat.

Packing for Europe

Tan Sandals.

Vacation style in the Maldives

Grana silk dress, Tan sandals, Coach Bag.

Madrid Travel Guide

Paddo to Palmy Dress, Tan Sandals, Coach Bag.

Packing for a holiday with only carry on

Ray Ban Sunglasses, Nude Sandals.

Vacation style in the Maldives

Grana Dress, Coach Bag, Tan Sandals.

DIY Tie front shirt

DIY top, Witchery Skirt, Oroton Bag, Black sandals, Market Panama.

Travelling with friends

Grana top, DIY shorts, Market Panama, Black Sandals.

DIY Off the shoulder crop top

DIY Top, Cecelie Copenhagen Skirt, Nude Sandals, Sportsgirl hat.

Travelling with friends

Grana top and shorts, Oroton Bag, Black Sandals

Guide to Mykonos

Paddo to Palmy Dress, Market Panama, Nude Sandals.

DIY Pink Off the Shoulder Dress with arm ties

DIY Dress, Tan Sandals, J Crew Bag, Sportsgirl hat.

Travel packing tips

Tan Sandals.

Guide to Portofino and the Italian Riviera

DIY shorts, Grana shirt, Black sandals, Panama Hat from a market, Celine bag.

How to avoid looking like a tourist when you travel

Uniqlo sweater and trousers, Tan Sandals, Coach satchel.

How to pack for an Island Getaway

Spell Designs top, DIY shorts, Sportsgirl Hat, Balenciaga bag, Tan sandals.

Paddo to Palmy Dress, DIY bag, Tan Sandals.

To market

Witchery jacket, Zara skirt, Black Sandals, Oroton Bag.

Wardrobe Updates for a the changing season

Packing Here.

5 Steps for a perfect Sunday

J Crew Skirt and top, Witchery Jacket, Tan Sandals.

A Quick Guide to Cinque Terre

Lovers & Friends Dress, Tan Sandals, J Crew Bag

Guide to Chiang Mai

Grana top and shorts, Nude Sandals.

Witchery Photos 11

DIY skirt, Zara top, market bandana, Coach bag, Tan Sandals.

Guide to Mykonos

Paddo to Palmy Dress and belt, Sportsgirl hat, Tan Sandals.

Looking forward to seeing how you guys wear yours! 

How To Pack For The Outdoors

Something I absolutely love is outdoor travel, I did a lot of it when I was younger but sadly don’t get to do as much anymore. Which is why I’m really excited about my family trip to Spain next week (!!). That’s right guys, twice to Spain in one year, pretty much all my Christmas’s come at once. This time I’m hiking in the Sierra Navada for a few days and then visiting the cities of Granada, Seville and Cordoba. Fun times! (So long we all get on, travelling in family groups of 9+ people can be tough….). With my time in the mountains at the forefront of my mind, I got together with Fossil as part of the release of their Smartwatch, to share with you a few tips for packing for your next outdoor trip.

In case you’r wondering, these tips come care of my mother who is a serious outdoor enthusiast  (this trip was her idea after all). You’ll probably get to meet her next week via insta stories if you’re following along 🙂

How to pack for the outdoors

Going analog (and digital) planning my trip with a map and the Fossil Q Smartwatch.

Check the Climate

You’re thinking duh! If you’re outdoors naturally you’ll need to know what the temperate will be. But more than that, I would suggest taking note of the variation in temperatures, particularly if you’re going up into the mountains or in the desert. In some places you find that there is a large variation in temperature between day and night, meaning you need to bring both very warm and also very light gear.

Research/understand your Activity Levels

Because my parents and whole family will be there, we’re staying in cabins and opting for day hikes interspersed with rest days so we can hike and also explore the amazing little towns of the Alpujarras. That way I know it’s going to be light to medium in terms of activity and endurance, which is reflected in my packing. However, if you’re going for longer walks, doing more extreme activities, or camping you’re going to need to pack to reflect that (think serious hiking boots and a hiker’s backpack). Research, research, research. Being over prepared is always a good approach, particularly if there’s any chance you might lose your way***

Less Is More

This one is obvious, but when you’re travelling outdoors you obviously want to pack as little as humanly possible…. Think of condensing the 5,4,3,2,1 guide down to just, say, 3,2,1 and 0.

The Backpack Life

Naturally, a backpack is going to be your best friend. Another very obvious point. Make sure you look for one that’s reinforced for comfort and won’t stick to you too much if you sweat. I like men’s ones like this one because I find they’re more sturdy. I also like to take a smaller bag or canvas tote (make sure it’s light) along with me too for carrying anything I want direct access too during transit, backpacks can be annoying like that.

Choose Layers

Layering is absolutely key for when you’re outdoors, particularly in the event of varying temperatures, and the fact that you’ll be getting hot as you move around. As usual I like to stick to natural fibres for most of my layers, with a bit of activewear thrown in there for when I’m hiking – black leggings, balcony bra top and stretch zip up top are my usual uniform (for brands I like Lululemon, Nike and Cotton On). Make sure to always take something waterproof, provided it’s lightweight. Oh and don’t forget a few extra pairs of socks.

Pack Your Tech (to an extent…)

Ok so for some this is sacrilegious, but running a business means that as much as I want to I can’t completely disconnect. Which is why I need to take my tech along, not my iMac mind you but some small pieces of tech that let me stay in touch with the studio and you guys (when service permits). Which is where the Q Wander Smartwatch is useful, lightweight but not only can I leave my phone in my bag – need those hands for when I trip over – I can also track my activity levels across the day. Nothing like that glass of wine when you know for sure you’ve walked 22 thousand steps. Just remember to take a solar charger with you if you’ll be away from power outlets for a while.

Get Lit

Back to basics with this one. You’ll definitely need a torch and/or a lamp for the evenings if you plan on camping, and even if you’re in cabins some extra light never goes to waste. And make sure you pack extra batteries, there’s nothing worse than reaching for your torch and it’s dead.

Think About Those Feet

Last but definitely not least, footwear is the most important part of what you pack, in travel generally but particularly when you’ll be outdoors. Depending on the type and duration of outdoor activities you’ll doing you may be able to get away with supportive sneakers, but otherwise hiking boots are the go. A lightweight pair of sandals is also great to throw in for any downtime you have.

Other things to not forget? Swimwear, a hat, sunscreen and mosquito repellent, snacks, your camera, a map (in case you have no  service) and a water bottle. Naturally you need to dial it up significantly if you will be camping and staying in the wildness for longer. But I’ll go into that another time 🙂

How to pack for the outdoors

Layers in natural fabrics are great for comfort and adaptability. Love a bit of leather too – Emma wallet (has amazing technology to stop people scanning your cards), Q Smartwatch and Emi BagThe Simple Sandals come everywhere with me. 🙂

How to pack for the outdoors

I’m really into backpacks at the moment, they’ve even replaced my usual tote even for every day! *sound of my back thanking me*.

How to pack for the outdoors

Make sure to also take some comfortable off duty clothes with you, this is what I’ll be wearing when I’m exploring the local towns in the mountains, if it’s not cold that is!

How to pack for the outdoors

If you’re staying overnight and need to take a lamp, make sure you check where you’re going doesn’t have any fire bans. If so opt for an electric lamp.

How to pack for the outdoors

Anything I’ve missed guys? I’d love to hear about any outdoor experiences you’ve had and what you took!

***Learnt this the hard way when I was a teenager, hiking a walk called Lost World in Queensland – we thought it was going to be 3 hours but got lost and it ended up being more like 12. We ended up having to follow a creak down to a local town, got in after midnight and mum broke her ankle).

This post is in collaboration with Fossil. Photos by Bryant Lee and myself.

Introducing our new design… The Simple Sandal!

It’s a BIG day guys! We can finally release The Simple Sandal – something we’ve been working on for a while. If you’ve noticed anything at all about me it’s that I absolutely love sandals (I pretty much live in them), but try as I might I’ve been unable to find a pair that look great, are comfortable and wear well over time. Not the sort of thing you would necessarily DIY, I decided it was high time for us to get down and design our own pair. At first they were mainly for my own use, but so many of you guys asked about them we realised it was only right for us to share them with you. My second foray into the world of shoe design, this time we’ve done it all on our own and I’ve had such a blast learning the process inside out.

Our focus was on simplicity and quality, which is why went spent a lot of time testing and tweaking tiny details – it’s amazing how much thought goes into a minimalist style.  The end result is a limited edition style called The Simple Sandal… Made from the best quality leather we could find and designed with minimalism in mind, they’ve already been around the world with me twice over (or more). Talk about road tested! We created them in four colourways – black, tan, nude and pony skin leopard printso you’ll never have any trouble matching them with your outfit.

You can shop them here.

We’ve done a limited run on them so be quick. We ship for free worldwide in case you’re wondering. 🙂

The Simple Sandal
The simple sandal by a pair and a spareThe simple sandal by a pair and a spareThe simple sandal by a pair and a spareThe simple sandal by a pair and a spareThe simple sandal by a pair and a spareThe simple sandal by a pair and a spareThe simple sandal by a pair and a spareThe simple sandal by a pair and a spareThe simple sandal by a pair and a spareThe simple sandal by a pair and a spare

You might have also noticed the new logo on the site! It’s part of some really fun updates we’re working on to enable us to get even more creative with content and engage better with you guys. Ready to take what we’re doing to the next level and hoping you’ll enjoy the journey. xxx

Photos by Bryant Lee

DIY Zip Back Knit

The shoulder seasons of Spring and Autumn are my favourite times of the year, where you’re free to mix warm weather and cool weather pieces in your outfits and are neither freezing or dripping with sweat. Although, to be honest, I live in denim shorts most of the year, but it’s nice to be able to throw a knit over them now and again…. And if that knit has a DIY detail like a zip up the back? Even better!

DIY Zip Back Knit
DIY Zip Back Knit

You need:

  • Knit sweater
  • Open end zipper
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine and thread

Before and After: Open Back Knit

How to:

  1. Cut open the centre back

Before and After: Open Back Knit

2. Fold and pin over about 1cm of the raw edge and sew.

Before and After: Open Back Knit

3. Working with one side of the open end zipper at a time, pin the zipper to the sewn edge.

Before and After: Open Back Knit

4. Using a zipper foot, sew the zipper to the sweater. Repeat Steps 3-4 for the other side of the zipper.

Before and After: Open Back Knit

Voila! If you’re as in to business at the front and party at the back as I am, make sure to check out this post too.

DIY Zip Back Knit

Zip it! Zip it good!

DIY Zip Back Knit
DIY Zip Back Knit

Photos by Bryant Lee

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