I’m writing this post from the plane, so it really couldn’t get more #authentic could it? By some crazy, probably never to be repeated, powers that be, I ended up in the front row  (front of economy that is), with NO ONE in the row around me. Like, literally, in row 59 there is only me. The rest of the plane is full so I have zero idea what’s happening. But I am DEFINITELY not complaining. Anyhoo, moving on to the matter at hand. A lot has been written about what to eat on the plane – most articles veering between abstaining from ALL things served on the plane, or, conversely, how to eat or drink as much free stuff as possible. For me, it’s a little bit of both. No matter what, I’m never going to be able to say no to a tray and those teeny tiny bottles of wine, but I still want to feel healthy when I arrive. Because let’s face it, I’ve just sat on my bum for half a day and probably shouldn’t be eating 15 bread rolls.

What with travelling so much recently, I’ve honed my approach to eating on a plane, and all I can say is: failure to prepare is preparing for failure.

Surviving Plane Food

Make it special
Last year, I did a little experiment where every time I flew I ordered a different special meal. I worked my way through raw, gluten free, vegan and just about everything else on the menu. Towards the end of my sojourn I stumbled upon the Vegetarian Indian meal. And wowzer. They were delicious! I mean, curry is pretty much one of the only types of food that can successfully be cooked and then reheated, so is perfect for the plane. What’s even better is that if you’re lucky it will come equipped with yogurt, chutney and a delicious tomato and cucumber salad. And they bring it out first! Now I’m not saying this type of meal is for you, because everyone has different tastes and it will come down to the airline, but it’s definitely worth shopping your special meal menu next time you fly. From a logistical standpoint, make sure to put your special meal in when you buy your flight, often it’s not possible to update your preferences the closer you get to the date.

Go low carb (and low carb-on if you can)
I’m all about the veggies and the protein when I’m on the plane, so I try to leave the rice and bread rolls to one side – it’s sooooo hard to do this sometimes I know. I mean BREAD and BUTTER. But trust me, you’ll feel so much less sluggish when you arrive if you can keep it at arms length. I also try to limit sugar intake when I’m on the plane, but that teeny tiny kit kat won’t kill you. Oh and on the subject of carbs,if you can, opt to offset your carbon emissions!

Snack attack
OMG finally! We’re talking about snacks. There’s something about air travel that makes me so so so hungry. Which is why, even after I’ve inhaled my Indian meal, I’m hungry. This is where your snack pack is going to keep you going – almonds, home made raw chocolate balls, some fruit (the type that won’t squash), apricots and cashews are all great snacks that you can chow down on for a good few hours without overdoing it.

Hell yes H20
The whole water situation on planes is a bit painful these days since not being able to carry liquids to international destinations (for good reason I know, but still). So make sure to bring along a bottle with you and ask the flight attendant to fill it up for you – and drink a good few litres. And BYO fancy tea bags for that ‘I’m on the couch at home’ feel. Another tip my friend gave me recently that was a whole new world for me was to fill a thermos with all the ingredients for a ginger tea – raw ginger slices, lemon, honey and even some mint (sans water naturally). Bring that along with you and then ask the flight attendant to fill up your thermos with hot water when you’re in the air – preferably after your meal when you’re eating your chocolate balls and watching Modern Family. Perfect for relaxing and any pesky upset tummies!

Get in the zone
Meals are like milestones for me throughout the day, which is why I find it slightly perplexing that airlines serve meals that don’t reflect the destination, i.e., breakfast served at your destination’s dinner time. In these cases, particularly for that meal served just before you land, I’ll snack instead of eating a meal (if I can) and then eat once I land. It’s all about getting in the right zone!

With a little preparation, I’ve learnt that the food (and thus, the experience at large) on the plane can be enjoyable. There’s nothing better than learning to enjoy the journey from beginning to end!

Q: What do you like to eat on the plane?


There’s nothing better than trends that are simple to recreate, and this season’s nautical vibe is one that drew my eye straight away, while I was trawling net-a-porter to see what I could a. afford or b. make. I came up trumps when I spotted a number of different items (jackets, dresses, skirts and the like) embellished with gold nautical inspired buttons. And so I thought why not? In truth to do this project you can simply add gold buttons to any navy skirt, but I thought it would be nice to create a faux panel which gave the impression of a button up style. This turned out to be easy to do using the piece of fabric left over when I shortened this skirt. Yay!

DIY Nautical Button SkirtDIY Nautical Button SkirtDIY Nautical Button SkirtDIY Nautical Button Skirt

You need:
– A skirt (either to make shorter or to simply embellish.
– 8 gold buttons
– a needle and thread
– scissors and a sewing machine if you plan on shortening and re-hemming

DIY Nautical Button Skirt

How to:

1. First, measure how long you want your skirt, and add a seam allowance.DIY Nautical Button Skirt

2. Cut the skirt off where you marked.

DIY Nautical Button Skirt

3. Overlay the leftover piece of fabric over the front of the skirt. Iron down the raw edge of the panel. Resew the hem.

DIY Nautical Button Skirt

4. Pin and then sew the front panel to the skirt.

DIY Nautical Button Skirt

5. Place the buttons on the skirt and measure to make sure they are equally spaced. Sew the buttons on.

New DIYs

Voila! Pair with a few golden accessories to bring out the bling. Can I be honest and say this is one of my fave projects for a long time? Mainly because I know it’s something I’ll wear and wear and wear.

DIY Nautical Button SkirtDIY Nautical Button Skirt

A tip for choosing your base skirt – I picked bought one that was slightly too big, which I think in the end looked better than had it been skin tight.

Photos by Nicola Lemmon


The between seasons of Spring and Autumn have to be my favourite when it comes to getting outdoors. I’m all about that moderate weather – warm days that become cool evenings are the ideal setting for stuffing myself silly in the park somewhere. But with the opportunity to get outdoors (and indulge in 2+ kgs of cheese), there also comes a few risks. Not life threatening risks I’ll admit, but picnic ruining ones. Which, if you’re into a cold beverage on the grass as much as I am, can often feel like the same thing. Said risks include: things forgotten, soggy sandwiches, warm drinks and chewed on by a cloud of sandflies. I admit, getting outdoors for a picnic is a little more tricky than say, going to your favourite coffee shop, but it’s also way better. And worth the investment!

To celebrate the change in seasons (I’m hoping it’s something akin to picnic weather where you are), I recently got together with Cointreau and friends for a picnic and a few Cointreau Fizz. With a little pre-planning it was (pretty much) perfect. I thought I would share with you a few rules for picnic perfection.

Twilight PicnicTwilight Picnic

Five rules for hosting the Perfect Picnic

Choose (and test) your spot

When it comes to picnics, preparation is key, most importantly where you’ll have your little shindig. Because unlike your living room, your perfect picnic spot is in a constant state of flux – where the sun is at, where those angry geese from the pond are, and whether there’s someone else with their eye on your spot. While it’s the serendipitous nature of a picnic I love so much, it doesn’t hurt to do a little research in advance to make sure you’re spot is top notch. Particularly if this is one of those romantic-first-date picnics where being chased by geese isn’t necessarily a positive. One more thing, if you can, choose a spot where you can see some water, by the beach, a lake or a pond. What can I say? It feels a little more fancy.

Recreate your living room

The more comfortable the better. You pretty much want to feel comfortable enough to binge watch a whole season on Netflix. As such, there’s no such thing as too many cushions (until you have to lug them back to the car). A few crates or boxes are also the perfect picnic accessory – fill them full of stuff and then use them as a little table. e grabbed a whole heap of rugs, cushions, throws and blankets from West Elm and set about making the space as comfortable as possible.  In fact it was so comfy that my friend Annie fell asleep (clearly my chat is amazing).

‘Pic’ the perfect drinks

The best picnic drinks are easy to make, a little bit special and not too hard to carry. A Cointreau Fizz fulfilled all those requirements for us – made with a measure of Cointreau, Soda, some ice and a squeeze of lime. We added a dash of homemade rustic berry cordial (scroll down for the recipe) to give it that extra little something.

Be mindful of food

All that fresh air is no doubt going to make you hungry, so you better make sure you have boatloads of delicious eats to get you through the afternoon. I’m all about more is more when it comes to filling your picnic basket, but you have to be mindful of the type of food you take – avoid anything that’s going to get soggy or go off if left out for too long. For this picnic we kept it simple with lots of lovely cheeses, dips and fruit for after.

Don’t forget the essentials

A knife, bottle opener, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, serviettes and a good spotify playlist are absolutely key. Oh and amazing friends to come along. The rest you can live without.

And finally, don’t worry. Be happy. Unexpected events like rain or a bird carrying off your meal are nothing to get upset about. That’s part of the fun of a picnic!

Twilight PicnicTwilight PicnicTwilight Picnic

We added a few generous measures of this berry cordial to our Cointreau Fizz drinks. To make your own Cointreau Fizz, simply add 30 ml of Cointreau, Soda water and Lime Juice to a glass of ice. Stir and enjoy.

Rustic Berry Cordial Recipe


  • 500g raspberries
  • 500g caster sugar (we used less so it wasn’t so sweet.
  • 3tbsp red wine vinegar

You can use stevia or coconut palm sugar if you don’t want to use refined sugar.


  1. Put the raspberries in a pan with the sugar  and vinegar.
  2. Mash over a low heat for 5 – 10 mins. If you’re after a smoother consistency, you can rub through a sieve into a clean pan (we liked ours rustic.
  3. Pour into small sterilised bottles and seal. The cordial will keep unopened for a few months. Once opened, store in the fridge.

Twilight PicnicTwilight PicnicTwilight PicnicTwilight PicnicTwilight Picnic

This post is in collaboration with Cointreau. 


If you’ve been following along on snapchat you’ll know that I’m knee deep at the moment in new season projects – a skirt I’m particularly excited about, a few jackets turned into dresses (wah excited!) and lots of other AW15 inspired pieces. We’ve been putting quite a bit of time into this in preparation for a big shoot next week, and in the meantime I thought I would share with you another very very simple project that you’re sure to find easy as can be. Like this scalloped heel project, I love this one because you can add and remove as and when the inclination takes you.

DIY Quick Tassel Heels

Hello shortest supply list ever, all you need for this one is a pair of heels and some matching tassels. I’ve been adding lots of different things to these heels I got a little while ago – there’s nothing like a simple style to add to!

DIY Quick tassel Heels

First you need to do up your straps, and pass the loop of the tassel underneath.

DIY Quick tassel Heels

Pull the main part of the tassel through.

DIY Quick tassel Heels

Repeat with all the rest of the tassels on both sides. You can add as many as you like!

DIY Quick tassel Heels

Voila! Happy Friday!

DIY Quick tassel heels

Photos by Bryant Lee.