Looking to add a little love to your next gift? Look no further than these leather heart gift tags, inspired by our favourite retro heart candy. These are the perfect topper for that present for your Valentine, Galentine, or cat. Once the wrapping has been opened (tears of joy etc etc), the leather tags are perfect worn as a necklace – so literally it’s the gift that keeps on giving!  We used these alphabet stamps you can find over in the store.

DIY leather heart gift tagsDIY Leather Heart Tags

You need:

How to make leather heart tags

How to: 

1. Tape your paper heart template to your leather and cut around the shape.

How to make leather heart tags

2. Neaten your edges to get nice curves

How to make leather heart tags

3. Using the same technique as I used in the Leather Luggage Tags, place the leather hearts under two boards and sandwich the stamps between  them where you want to stamp your letters.  This will give you a guideline and keep your letters straight.On a scrap piece of leather, experiment with how many times you need to hit the stamps to make a good impression, this will vary on the type of leather you have.  Once you are ready, decide on what you want your tags to say and stamp away!How to make leather luggage tags

4. Get creative with what you write, although make sure you plan the spacing first.

How to make leather heart tags

Finally, Using a multi hole punch tool, punch a hole near the top of the heart. Thread a piece of string through the hole and attach it to your parcel.

Valentines Leather Gift Toppers


Last year I set for myself a million goals, and one of them was that I wanted to train myself to wake up earlier. I’ve never had a major sleeping in issue per say – it’s not like I would wake up at midday or anything. But let’s be honest, my morning routine didn’t make for a balanced and energised day. For example, I was generally waking up around 8.30, wolfing a quick breakfast and rushing to meetings or work, never taking the time to wake up and treat myself to a nice morning. Mornings were just rushing and a jumble and lets be honest, not that fun.

Come Jan first last year I decided that I was going to become a morning person, the type that springs out of bed early doors, excited for the day ahead, instead of one that snoozes for hours and then drags themselves out. Although I’m not quite a bright eyed and bushy tailed squirrel as yet, the little tweaks I made to my lifestyle changed my mornings completely for the better. I’m not saying it’s super easy, because to be honest I still LOOOOVE being in bed. But waking up at 6.30 instead of 8.30 has changed the way I think about my mornings and made me enjoy them so much more. It’s not so much ‘the early bird catches the worm’ for me but ‘the early bird does a bit of yoga, has a yummy breakfast, kisses her boyfriend and starts the day off on the right foot’. Either way it’s better than it was. And if I have the odd day when I don’t get up early, then it’s a treat rather than the norm!

how to become a morning person

Reset your internal clock

Ok so in order to wake up early you need to get enough sleep. Obvious right? Our bodies are programmed to need a certain number of hours sleep per night, and although it probably differs between each person, I for one function better on 8 hours. This article backs me up on that one!  Your internal clock and the circadian rhythms of your body tell you when you’re tired, which means that if you’re a night owl, you’ll be programmed to go to sleep late and therefore probably wake up late too. A few years ago I would generally go to bed at midnight, which inevitably had me waking up at 8.30. In order to get up earlier, I needed to go to sleep earlier. So obvious! What you ultimately want to do is to change your internal clock, so you naturally fall asleep earlier and wake up earlier too. Knowing this, I forced my internal clock to change by making myself get into bed at 10pm, reading for a while and drifting off. I found that once I did that for a month or so, it was much easier to get out of bed when the alarm went off the next morning – obviously! Just start winding down your evening earlier and force yourself to get into bed, without your laptop! Reading will help you fall asleep, particularly if it’s a boring book :)

Get a better alarm clock

An alarm that wakes you BEEEP BEEEP BEEEP is the worst, and it also means that you’ll most likely turn it off straight away or press snooze over and over when the buzzing starts. So, in an effort to get past the issue of the alarm clock, at the beginning of last year we bought a radio alarm clock, one that you can tune into your favourite station (or spotify playlist if it has wifi) and be woken by the news or some fun tunes. I’ve found that this is way easier to wake up to, and actually helps you wake up. Ban yourself from switching it off and you’ll find you slowly wake up and stay awake.

Wake up at the right time in your sleep cycle

Ok so this one is something I think we can put down to the annoyingness of alarm clocks – which say YOU MUST GET UP NOW regardless of whether you’re in a light sleep or a heavy REM sleep. There’s nothing worse than waking up when you are in the deepest of sleeps – which is why I am so against the snooze button which wakes you up on and off without any recognition of what stage of sleep you are in. Hence why it’s better to wake up sans alarm if you can. But I know that’s hard. One option is the sleep app which you can get on iTunes and tracks your sleep cycle through your movement and can be set to alarm mode which wakes you up at the right time in your sleep cycle. BUT then you have your phone in the bedroom so you can’t win. I’m still all for music to wake up to because if you’re in a super deep sleep you’ll probably sleep a little longer and then wake as you come into a light sleep. Et voila!

Organise something nice to do, with someone else

Planning to do something with someone else, say a friend or family member, will help both of you wake up earlier. It’s easy to skip out on something I’ll be doing on my own, but when I know I’ll be leaving my friend Mattie waiting on the steps to do our peak walk, there’s absolutely no choice but to get up. If you can plan something like this say two days of the week, it will help you solidify your sleeping and waking up patterns.

Plan your breakfast in advance

I’m definitely one of those weird people who thinks about breakfast before I go to bed. I’m always excited about what I’ll be eating whether it’s an omelette or some yogurt and berries. If I haven’t got anything planned I’m like Whuuuttt, why bother getting out of bed at all today? And so, I’ve found that if you plan a yummy breakfast in advance, there’s something worth waking up to in the morning. Chances are if you’re going to be having a yummy bircher muesli, you’ll be jumping out of bed!

Ok so guys that’s what I did to learn to wake up earlier, I would love to hear if any of you guys have trouble with sleeping in and what you do to wake up early. After all, I’m not a master as yet :)


There’s nothing better than experiencing a city with true insiders. And as I mentioned in my Paris travel guide, last year I was lucky enough to do just that. I headed to Paris as part of a collab with Aeroports de Paris, celebrating the opening of their new luxury shopping precinct.  As part of the trip, we spent a day on a seriously amazing treasure hunt, visiting gorgeous locations all over the city in search of the ‘Place Des Tresors’ (place of the treasure). We visited Hotel Maurice, the gardens of the Palais Royal (a must see!) and the Design Museum, all of which influenced the design and brands located within the new shopping precinct. The treasure hunt finished up at new precinct in the Charles Du Galle airport, the perfect stop on my way back to Hong Kong! The new shopping precinct is the ideal for those of you who love to see the best sights when you’re travelling, and leave all you shopping to your time in the airport! Check out the video from the amazing, and seriously memorable, day below.

Place Des Tresors

Wearing: Grana silk top, Club Monaco trumpet skirt (like this), Boda Skins leather jacket, Whistles backpack, Forever 21 sneakers.

Place Des TresorsPlace Des TresorsPlace Des Tresors

Thanks for having me Aeroports de Paris!


Ok I have a bit of a confession to make. I collect hats like some women collect shoes. And up until recently I would simple stack them here and there all over the house, where they would inevitably get squashed and collect dust. After wanting to do this project for a little while, I recently created this simple hat rail/rack, a very easy thing to craft which will save my hats from their demise on my bedroom floor! You can add as many hats to this rack as you can fit, layering them as you go using pegs. The best thing is it cal also be used to hang or display your clothes. Winning!

DIY Hanging Copper Hat RackDIY Hanging Copper Hat Rack

You need:

  • Copper Pipe
  • Scissors
  • Pegs
  • Rope

DIY Copper and Rope Hat Rail

How to:

1. Cut your rope to size and thread it through the pipe.

DIY Copper Hat Rail

2. Cut a few matching pieces of rope, and then tie it onto the pipe, with matching intervals.

DIY Copper Hat Rail

3. Once you’re done, hang your rack on the wall either from hooks in the ceiling or in the wall. Then use your pegs to attach on your hats.

DIY Copper and Rope Hat Rail

Voila! All done. You can also use it to hang a few other items of clothing on.

DIY Hanging Copper Hat RackDIY Hanging Copper Hat RackDIY Hanging Copper Hat Rack